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22+5.. Measuring 27wks

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CostaAddict Mon 23-May-16 21:41:59

Hi all. 1st post so might go a bit ott with detail

Pregnant with DS2. Due date 21/09/16 which makes me 22+5 wks. Seen midwife today for routine check and she has measured my uterus at 27wks (double checked & confirmed by another midwife).

She has given us a few explanations for this..
1. Due date calculations are wrong
2. Possible gestational diabetes
3. Too much fluid/ problem with me/baby.

From her opinion she thinks option 1 is the most likely. I have been seriously unwell this whole pregnancy. Recurrent thrush, hyperemesis needing hospital admission, chest infections etc. Also under fetal medicine team as DS1 has a genetic condition (which would not affect growth rate). So far baby has been given all clear and will be given extra checks once born.

Has anyone experienced this before? I wasn't getting too worried but I think hormones are taking over. I've had bloods done today and a scan will be done in the next week to measure fluid.

I've had 6 scans to date. 3 private, 3 NHS. All private scans gave me a due date which would make me approx 26/27 wks. All NHS scans have shown baby is smaller and at current due date. I'm so confused.

pullthecracker Tue 24-May-16 06:27:58

We don't measure in weeks anymore as every baby grows at different rates, so the old thing of measuring the same in cm as gestation has long gone. You should have an individualised growth chart, which shows the dentils that are normal for you in pregnancy, based on your height, weight and previous baby. That will plot you on a centile and show if you are measuring within the normal limits for you.
I am slightly concerned about the practice of your midwife, as it is only recommended to start measuring from 26-28 weeks, 22 weeks is irrelevant as it doesn't really tell us anything accurate.

OhIfIMust Tue 24-May-16 09:03:52

I was measuring fine at 26 weeks, then 2 weeks forward at 28 weeks now 5 weeks ahead at 30 weeks. Been booked in for a growth scan next week and seeing consultant afterwards. I'm not too worried. There's a family history of excess water and baby is moving fine. I'd say request another scan if there are still issues when you're measured after 26 weeks.

KnitsBakesAndReads Tue 24-May-16 11:56:26

I'm surprised they are measuring fundal height so early. I thought they only started from 25 weeks as it's less accurate before then. Can you ask your MW why they measured earlier then usual in your case?

In my experience both the fundal height measurements and scan measurements should be treated with a bit of caution. My MW was predicting my baby would be 10+ lbs based on SFH measurement. He was born nearly a week later at less than 9lbs. A growth scan was also out by nearly a pound.

I would try not to worry too much given how notoriously inaccurate fundal height measurements seem to be. Hope everything works out okay for you OP.

CostaAddict Tue 24-May-16 13:22:36

Thank you all for the replies. I just assumed measuring fundal height at this stage was normal practice. It's been 7 years since I was last pregnant so can't remember from last time.

As far as I know all midwives in my area practice the same. And I def don't have a personal growth chart. Our NHS trust are always behind with current updates/training so maybe this will be implemented soon.

Waiting on a scan date (Mw will call me at some point today). Will also just wait on blood results back for GD. I've calmed a little since yday. Think it was a lot of information and panic all at once. Baby is kicking away nicely.

Really appreciate all the replies, have been very reassuring.

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