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Does this need assessment or am I being paranoid?? 37+4 pains!

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Firstly, I've been suffering for the past 18 weeks with SPD, PGP and round ligament pain, so that may sway it a bit, and is why I'm a bit unsure.

I woke this morning half on my back, half on my left side, unable to move. I slowly got out of bed (think 30 minutes of minis use movements and a lot of huffing and puffing!) so far so typical of PGP. Didnt feel right for a couple of hours, then this afternoon started getting sharp pains down below, so bad I had to stand up and each twinge caught my breath. These were shortly joined by random tightening in my belly, cramping in my back and pain down the insides of my legs. This all lasted about 25 minutes, during which time I tried to change position, swayed side to side, stood up and sat down, and then it all eased off.

It then happened again about an hour and a half later but milder pain and only about 15 minutes, and again about an hour after that for the same length of time and same intensity.

Sorry for such a long post! Just wondering if anyone has experienced similar and then gone into labour (Or if it's labour starting?!)? I've had 3 csections so obviously want to avoid advanced labour if possible, but don't want to be ringing the ward and looking like an idiot because it's nothing and I should know better having 3 children already!


lljkk Mon 23-May-16 21:29:52

Is it annoying?

More painful than annoying to be honest! BH are annoying. I'm aching all round the middle now.

lljkk Mon 23-May-16 21:40:02

Presumably you are booked in for elective CS, and don't plan VBAC? I think I'd ring to talk this situation thru with a MW. Could be nothing, could mean something.

Yes elcs is next Friday, vbac isn't an option. I think you're right, I'll ring MW first thing. Unless I get it again, in which case I'll just risk looking daft and ring the ward. As you say, could be nothing, but could be something. Thank you :-)

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