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Giving up smoking whilst pregnant

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cheekymummy89 Mon 23-May-16 16:49:33

This isn't a question for advise .. this is me simply putting it out there to all the ladies who are pregnant and trying or thinking of giving up smoking especially during their pregnancies. All I can say is do it!! No matter how hard you think it is just do it. Ever since finding out I was expecting all I could think was I need to kick this dirty habbit .. not only for me but my family too! So off I went to my gp and spoke to a lady who runs a smoking clinic she talked me through various products available on prescription to pregnant ladies and what feedback she's had on them all. So I opted to have patches alongside lozenges. This was way back when I was 9 weeks gone. Now I'm not completely smoke free yet but I'm now in my 32nd week of pregnancy and I'm down to 2 cigarettes a day!! 1 in a morning and 1 before bed. I thought this was still a failure as my unborn child is still receiving those nasty chemicals etc but my mw has done nothing but praise me on this .. I used to smoke on average 30 a day!!! I feel a lot better in myself I'm no longer breathless walking around.. my skin looks clearer, my breathe no longer stinks, my clothes don't stink, my fingers no longer have nicotine stains the list is endless. Honestly this has been challenging but it's so worth it. Please ladies give it all you have got and more .. kick the dirty habbit! If you ever feel the urge to light one up grab a mint to sucking on or go hoover up or do some ironing. Get a stress ball whatever works for you!! I'm still not 100% there yet but as I've said im almost there and I could not be any prouder of myself right now. This has given me hope that in a few short weeks my beautiful baby boy will be here and I will NOT be smoking I will have that money to treat my little bundle to all the things he needs and when he's a little older little days out etc. Think of them babies and what you could give them just by kicking the habbit.
Good luck

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