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19 weeks and hardly any bump

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EnoughAlready999 Sun 22-May-16 21:44:46

Can't feel any movements either.

Figgygal Sun 22-May-16 21:48:21

I'm 20 weeks Friday I couldn't imagine how much bigger I could possible get today I just look a bit fatter than normal again.

I've an anterior placenta too so not felt anything yet have been told to expect when baby a bit bigger it'll be able to make it's presence known despite the placenta.

Have you had your 20 week scan yet?

EnoughAlready999 Sun 22-May-16 21:56:07

I'm a bit confused Figgy - are you saying you are big or you're not?

My scan is on the 2nd June.

Sanch1 Sun 22-May-16 22:00:46

Is it your first? If so that's pretty normal. I didnt feel any movement until after my 20 week scan, and didnt get at bump until 23/24 ish weeks.

Afreshstartplease Sun 22-May-16 22:06:43

Totally normal for a first baby

I'm 18+4 with DC4 feel massive and been feeling movements since 12 weeks

EnoughAlready999 Sun 22-May-16 22:07:16

No 2nd but 1st was over 10 years ago.

Afreshstartplease Sun 22-May-16 22:11:19

Do you know where your placenta is? I didn't feel anything for ages with DC3 and had an anterior placenta

AliciaMayEmory Sun 22-May-16 22:13:13

I went to my 20 week scan in my normal clothes, hardly any bump at all, and the nurse asked me if I was sure I was 20 weeks. Then they performed the scan and saw for themselves! Some people just don't show as quickly. I didn't feel movements until around 22 weeks and it was strange watching the baby move around on the scan and not feeling it!

With my second DC I felt moments at around 17 weeks and had a bump a few weeks earlier, but still not noticeable until around 6 months. It depends on how the baby is lying, where your placenta is, your stomach muscles etc.

Annabrooke90 Mon 23-May-16 10:08:44

24+4 weeks pregnant, barely got any bump at all, still in normal clothes and my family dont know I'm pregnant, haven't noticed either lol, it is very normal. This is my 5th baby in seven years too. Some people just carry small (I do) and some people just gain a bump slowly. Also I have anterior placenta this time, whilst I was feeling her move from around 17 weeks, posterior with my boys were much much earlier movements.

EnoughAlready999 Mon 23-May-16 10:23:14

Thanks Anna that's reassuring.

StarkintheSouth Mon 23-May-16 11:18:02

I'm almost 21 weeks and I don't really have a bump yet. I look much thicker in the middle though which I'm aware of, but friends and family can't really tell! My 2nd scan was all good though, so I know there's a healthy tot in there. It's my first baby and I've been told this is quite normal. I feel the odd flutter but not a lot kick wise, but thenagain on the scan she was wriggling around so much! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well OP X

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