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Early pregnancy pain and worry about ectopic!!

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SarahP86 Sun 22-May-16 19:24:19

So... Found out I was pregnant a week ago after missing Af was experiencing abdo pain so visited my epu no visible pregnancy but was told this was far to early to see anything had first set of bloods hcg was 195 progesterone a whopping 65 so was told to come back for repeat bloods 48 hours later those results were 494 so more than doubled but I'm continuing to experience pain like a period in my stomach and back and also one sided mild stabby pains on my right side they seemed to have gone then I did a fair amount if walking today and they've come back again, I'm going back to epu tomorrow for more bloods and hopefully another scan as in theory my hcg should be over 1000 and I will be 5+3 very nervous this maybe ectopic. Has anyone else experienced early pregnancy pain upon walking or exercise I have to little ones and don't remember any of this before so I'm a little worried.

ilovesthediff Sun 22-May-16 19:27:23

Yes with both. Bleeding too with the second. Convinced ectopic and miscarrying too with second and it was okay. They did an internal probe scan with both. Try not to worry.

SarahP86 Mon 23-May-16 17:18:15

Went back to epu this morning and had a further u/s still nothing to be seen had more bloods waiting for results of that. Still got this right sided pain that feels a bit like a stitch that goes from the front of my low down pelvis area through to my back it's not an unbearable pain but it's worrying me as still everything is uncertain, I know it's very early but ultrasound tech made it sound very much like it was bad news then midwife changed her tune and said it didn't sound bad then the doctor seemed undecided so now I'm home left just as confused as before we went 😞

ilovesthediff Mon 23-May-16 18:35:46

Mine were like bad stitch and it was fine both times. Try not to worry. It's so horrible but there's nothing you can do.

MrsZumbaDancer Mon 23-May-16 20:23:59

Had something similar with DS but had eased by the time I was scanned at Epu at 8 weeks. No explanation.
With current pregnancy had awful right sided pain, thought I was miscarriage but my midwife thought it was round ligament pain. I think she might have been right as I've just started to experience it again now at 28 weeks.
Good luck op

Sunnydays321 Tue 24-May-16 19:15:48

I have had lots of mainly right sided pain. It's there regularly every day. Sometimes achey and sometimes really sharp, if I sneeze feels like something rips! Had a scan at 5+6 and they saw a sac in the uterus but nothing else. So not ectopic. Scanned again 7+1, baby and heartbeat seen. Now 11+5 still getting the pain every day but heartbeat ok, no bleeding. Assume all is fine still, think it's ligament, which is early given it started at 5 weeks. Fingers crossed as your bloods are all reassuring that it will all be fine. I know lots of people who have had lots of pain in early pregnancy and all turned out fine. X

SarahP86 Wed 25-May-16 07:51:28

Levels had doubled up to 1040 due to go back in today as levels should be over 2000 now so really hoping they will be able to see something. Fingers and toes crossed

SarahP86 Wed 25-May-16 13:08:07

Scanned today at 5+5 gestational sack seen in uterus so that's a bit of a relief have a scan next Wednesday to check for development.

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