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Two lines then one

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DisneySenior Sun 22-May-16 15:04:13

My period is 2 weeks late now so i took a test this morning, it came up with 2 clear lines.

A few hours have passed and i looked again and the positive line has faded into almost nothing. It's very faint.

Has anyone else had this happen? It was a cheap test if it makes a difference

MagpieCursedTea Sun 22-May-16 16:34:58

If the two lines came up then that's a positive! It might fade when it dries out but it sounds like you're pregnant. Congratulations!

DisneySenior Sun 22-May-16 21:22:23

Thank you for your reply, im going to test again tomorrow but im pretty sure im pregnant, had a lot of signs too.

Im still in shock, baby number 3 and totally unplanned but once im used to it I'll tell dp and my family.

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