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Tanyaaustralia Sun 22-May-16 11:29:42

Have you heard of tokophobia? I feel I identify with the fear of actually carrying the child not child birth. So before I actually become pregnant I wish to try gain as much knowledge as possible before I do so and also have a network of support in place. I'll be discussing this with a therapist aswell before going off the pill.

What coping strategies can people offer for feeling panicky of a growing life inside you and not being able to escape that reality for a very long 9 months

sizethree Sun 22-May-16 16:31:42

I haven't heard of it but I can completely understand the phobia.
Pregnancy does feel very weird at times, but remember that everything happens very gradually so you do get used to new developments and also your body is so rammed full of hormones and bonding baby chemicals that although you may imagine it being a huge issue now, hopefully when you're in the full swing of pregnancy it'll just feel like your body and normal. I know that's bit embossed phobia work as phobias aren't rational, but it's a very natural slow process with no large meals or surprises.
I hope you can get some good support so you feel in a note comfortable place and are prepared for carrying your child.

Boadiccea Sun 22-May-16 20:23:15

This was a major concern of mine. However for me it literally is taking it day by day. I'm hoping it won't get too difficult. I totally understand your fear. I am also aware there is a lot of information out there regarding pregnancy so try not to get too swamped!

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