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Chemical pregnancy / ectopic / over thinking?

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Champion9 Fri 20-May-16 11:49:49

Hello, I'm new here and wondering if someone can offer some reassurance or help.
I removed my non-hormonal coil 19 months ago, my husband and I didn't focus on ttc, we thought we'd just see what happened. After a year of nothing, we've been focusing our efforts. In February i thought we'd cracked it because my breasts were fuller, and I felt different, but got my period. I went to my GP to start investigating whether there is a problem - I was 37 at the time. All the blood tests came back fine, though when I pressed her she admitted my hormone levels are at the lower end of the fine range.
In March I had a normal period, i went for the ultrasound, and the nurse told me I had an egg about to pop off, so should get on it! Really reassuring and we were going on holiday. I really thought we'd cracked it again when we came home, my boobs were really full (they're normally flat!) and i felt different. I had a damp squib of a period, it was pink, not bloody and very light - just 2/3 days of spotting really. I did a pregnancy test which came back negative. When having sex I had pain in lower left side which had never happened before. I then had bleeding 2 weeks later - again not a lot.
I was really bloated and windy, my boobs were full and had this weird pain having sex so I did another (digital) pregnancy test which came back positive 1-2 weeks.
We were really excited, I went to see the doctor who said home kits are so reliable she didn't double check, it was a locum doctor. But the next day I had cramping, and spotting and then real bleeding. So I went to A&E (probably the wrong thing to do) and saw a nurse who when I recounted the above to, said it might have been that I was pregnant from the egg at the end of March and was miscarrying.
When I saw the doctor he took my urine sample (which was basically water) and said you're not pregnant, it's a period and sent me on my way.
I did another digital test the following morning which confirmed -ve.
I've been bleeding now for 8 days, this morning there was some kind of tissue rather than just blood.
I don't want to see my GP because I know there is nothing that they will be able to do,- I just have to allow nature to take it's course. AND She doesn't listen to me, or know anything about me - when I told her that I had been trying to conceive with my husband and we'd not used protection for 16 months she said "are you in a stable relationship", she's prescribed an antibiotic in the past which is in the family I am allergic to and generally makes me feel like i'm wasting her time.

Do I need to go or is this just part and parcel of ttc?

cindyrella Sat 21-May-16 08:53:45

Do you feel ok otherwise?
I'm no expert but totally agree with you re doctors & I presumably would ride it out so to speak. Unless amythubg changes in your body that you worry about.

It's a roller coaster this ttc business. Hope you're ok & trying to stay positive.

Champion9 Sat 21-May-16 10:36:14

Thank you appreciate that. I am staying positive. Still bleeding and cramping today with pain in lower left of my abdomen. It's like a proper period now in full flow and super heavy - day 9 - ain't right. Hopefully it will stop soon. I've made an appt for Tuesday, but hopefully it will have stopped by then and I can cancel.

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