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Gender from side view? Was that really boy bits?!?!

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PaperGarden Fri 20-May-16 10:12:02

At my 20 week scan baby was in an difficult position, sort of half curled up, looking down, so we could not get the typical "potty shot" to see the gender. However, from that side view she said "thats his penis", but I am not convinced, firstly, can it even be seen from the side like that? It just didnt look like what id thought id see, it seemed far too big, like almost 2/3 the hip-knee size, no balls at all either, I always though little boy bits were much smaller.

All Ive heard from people when ive mentioned it is that it doesnt seem right, and everyone had a friend story where it was the umbilacle cord, or the other leg showing or something like that so now im worried its totally wrong, especially as she didnt give me a copy of that picture.

Is anyone elses gender shot just a side view of baby, or could you see boy bits from the side etc?

PaperGarden Fri 20-May-16 10:15:56

This is all we got

sizethree Fri 20-May-16 11:17:03

Did the 20 week scan go well and is your baby healthy and developing properly?
I do understand you're keen to know the sex, but the 20 week scan is a medical examination of your baby.
So it's worthwhile booking in for a private sexing scan where the focus of that will be determining the sex and you'll get more time to see your baby (whereas the 20 week one the sonographer has a very thorough checklist to go through to monitor your baby's development) and should leave with a more accurate answer.
Congratulations and I hope you find out the sex soon.

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