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Pre eclempsia?! Advice and help please!

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bippitybopityboo Thu 19-May-16 17:21:06

32+1 today.
I was admitted to hospital Monday night with high blood pressure. Prescribed labetalol and went back today to have BP checked again which was lots better 114/75.
However now there is a low level of protein in my urine. The midwife said looks like it could be the start of pre eclempsia but hasn't given us much more advice than that. I have a consultant appointment tomorrow so will be able to ask questions then but honestly DH and I have no idea what we need to be asking.
I'm really scared and worried and not sure where I go from here? Any help or advice or has anyone been in this situation too?

Showgirl109 Thu 19-May-16 18:12:36

Hi op it must be such a scary time so although hard try not to worry. I've been told I may have the start of pre eclampsia too. I would be finding out how they want to monitor you for the next few weeks. The only way to treat is to deliver the baby and they often recommend bed rest. I don't have any more advice for you because I am also waiting to see the Drs myself but didn't want to read and run.

bippitybopityboo Thu 19-May-16 18:20:12

It is so so scary! Just need to get my head straight so that we know what to ask tomorrow 😢
Thankyou for your reply hope all goes okay for you!

ExtremelyConfidential Thu 19-May-16 18:37:50

It's great they've picked this up and can monitor you.

My only tip would be to find out any additional physical signs or sensations to watch for so you can stay alert to any sudden changes.

Mine was not picked up and roared into action so suddenly I actually thought I was having a heart attack blush...dashed to hospital middle of the night and EMCS the following day.

You have great opportunity for ideal medical monitoring an mental preparation for a maybe slightly early birth. That's great news.

Do your best to relax which I know is terribly difficult. I hope you are feeling OK flowers

bippitybopityboo Thu 19-May-16 18:52:34

I'm just really upset because I feel like being inside of me isn't the safest thing for baby any more! I'm failing at being a mum already sad
Your advice and reassurance means so much though thankyou!

bluejasmin Fri 20-May-16 07:11:54

Your not failing at all , as others have said its good they've picked up on it and be prepared to go into hospital for monitoring and maybe an earlier birth than planned .
All my pregnancies were under consultant led care due to various complications, pre eclampsia one of them and once they know what's wrong they will always do what's best for mum and baby .
Once you've had your appointment today I'm sure you'll feel better as all your questions will be answered .

scrumptiouscrumpets Fri 20-May-16 08:12:05

You poor thing! I had preeclampsia too, but earlier than you. I agree with PP that finding out early is the best thing that can happen to you, you will be monitored closely and receive the best possible care.
Protein in urine does not automatically mean you have preeclampsia, a trace of protein is normal and can also be due to not taking the sample correctly, that is using the first flow of urine which may contain cell debris and therefore protein. To take a urine sample correctly, wipe down with a damp flannel and don't collect the first part of urine.
It is a good sign that your BP had gone down with medication. Try and stay as positive as possible and take each day as it comes!
Like you, I was devastated because I felt my baby wasn't safe inside me anymore and that I had already failed at being a mum before my baby was even born. Those are horrible thoughts and completely unjustified. Many pregnancies need medical intervention for various reasons, would you really say that these women failed? I definitely wouldn't! They have still become mothers and given the gift of life to their babies, which is a wonderful thing.
All the best op flowers

ohanami Fri 20-May-16 11:47:03

Hope you're doing ok today bippity

My experience of preeclampsia is that it's completely unpredictable - things can change rapidly or can just tick along as far as full term if you're lucky. There's nothing you can do to prevent it developing and you're not in control of how it progresses - it's just luck. I totally get the feeling of guilt though, and it's taken me a long time to make those feelings go away. At 32 weeks, if your baby does need to be born soon then they're nearly ready to meet the world now anyway - likely to need some help but for nearly all babies born at this stage they have an excellent outlook in the long term.

I was diagnosed with preeclampsia at 33+1 and it progressed rapidly - things were looking fine for a few days then went downhill suddenly so dd was born by emcs at 33+5. She's absolutely fine 2 years down the line and you'd never know she was premature. My main advice would be to write down what you're told, to ask the reasons for the decisions made about your care, and make sure you're given time to ask any questions, however trivial they seem to you. Try not to read too much into it if you don't get concrete answers - the medics can't predict how it will turn out either. If you have friends or family you're happy to share with, let them know how you're feeling and what's worrying you - they might be better able to express that to a doctor than you if you find yourself stressed or poorly.

Hoping that everything goes smoothly for you.

zoobeedoo Fri 20-May-16 17:07:40

My first pregnancy I developed pre eclampsia at 28 weeks. I was extremely fit and healthy before it, was a size 6-8 and weighed 8 stone. My pre eclampsia was severe. I had excessive swelling, kidneys shut down and after baby was born i weighed twice my pre pregnancy weight. blush about 5 stone was fluid retention that disappeared over about three months. the maternity hospital had never seen anyone as bad as me. They brought med students in to have a look as I was so extreme. (I'd been to school with one but I looked so horrifically swollen she didn't realise I was me. I didn't speak up I was too ashamed) I had lots of further complications. Traumatic birth. Lasting kidney problems then thyroidtoxicosis. Only advice I can give if it is pre eclampsia is do everything they suggest - if they say bed rest, then it's bed rest. No stress, don't do anything other than rest. Give yourself LOTS of time to recover after baby comes. I'm pregnant with number two and terrified I get it again. My consultant has put me on daily low dose aspirin from 9 weeks to try and prevent it.

bippitybopityboo Fri 20-May-16 21:33:13

Thankyou ladies for your experiences and advice. I'm glad you all have happy healthy babies/children.
I feel better after seeing my consultant today baby is weighing approximately 4lb 3 oz and he said if baby was to be born now he would be fine in the long run. He said we will just take it one day at a time, if things go well and my BP is mintained then we'll go as far as possible but if not they will do everything they can to ensure myself and baby are safe. He also said there is nothing I could have or can do just like you ladies have said, so thankyou!
I'm feeling more positive and less guilty and just want to focus on getting this little one as close to term as possible!

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