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Dealing with a possible ectopic

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lucygooo Thu 19-May-16 10:21:46

It's been ages since I've posted on MN, as me and hubs decided to pause our active TTC efforts for a while after two early miscarriages which really put me off. So we went to NTNP. However...

Was referred to A&E on Sunday night with sharp pain in right pelvis and across my abdomen, plus bleeding. They did a pregnancy test which to my great surprise was positive. I was not expecting it because I had a 'period' 2 weeks earlier - however they think that must have been an implantation or other pregnancy bleed. Had been light spotting for a week previous and feeling a bit sick but assumed both were caused by stress at work!

They admitted me to gynae ward as with the pain and bleeding they suspected ectopic. Had bloods and scan - scan showed nothing, not even a sac, so they said I have a pregnancy of unknown location. Cervix closed so I'm not miscarrying (yet). If I go by the date of my previous period I would be 6w+5 today, but beta levels and nothing on scan suggests it might be less - hospital estimated 4-5 weeks. My betas are rising but not doubling over 48 hours which I know isn't a great sign. Have to go back tomorrow for another blood test and scan. Not in pain any more apart from a few twinges.

I guess I am just posting because it would be good to hear from others who have gone through this, and get some reassurance on what might happen next. I feel completely in limbo as it could still be an ectopic, a miscarriage or possibly a viable pregnancy. I am off work so a bit restless and trying not to get stressed but it isn't easy! I am just trying not to get my hopes up about this pregnancy as the signs don't seem great, but at the same time we have wanted to get pregnant for so long now, and this is the furthest I've ever made it.

iloveberries Tue 24-May-16 10:39:06

I just came across this - are you ok?

xBITTERxFROGIEx Wed 25-May-16 12:02:48

Hi hun, I'm going through quite literally the exact same thing right now. Went for an emergency suspected ectopic scan last Thursday, but scans showed nothing other than a lined uterus and closed cervix. My levels were 211.
They gave me the piece of paper saying pregnancy of unknown location, and went back on Monday but my levels are now 1,233! So not sure what that means, but the fact your levels are rising are a good sign.
I was also supposed to be 7-8 weeks but the hospital reckon 4-5.

Hopefully your next scan will be able to show you something baby wise, I hope it all goes okay!

lucygooo Wed 25-May-16 20:25:41

Hi thank you both for replying. Unfortunately it's not a positive outcome. After a week of repeat scans and blood tests, I was readmitted to hospital yesterday with a lot of pain and their best guess is that it is a small tubal pregnancy that was not growing any more (hcg was pretty static since last week). Anyway my hcg levels then started dropping sharply so instead of surgery or injections they have sent me home in the hope that I will miscarry naturally which so far seems to be the case. Seems strange to be happy about a miscarriage but they told me on Friday that it was definitely not a viable pregnancy so I just want it to be over now, and would rather not have the long recovery time from the treatment or surgery. Still possible I may need treatment but fingers crossed I don't.

Bitter Frogie - I really feel for you going through this, it has been quite a scary experience for me and is definitely an emotional roller coaster! The waiting to find out was definitely the worst thing for me. I really really hope you have a more positive outcome - the jump to 1233 sounds really good, mine never went above 1000. Are you going back for another scan? One of my consultants said it's rare to see anything until the hcg is over 1000 anyway. Fingers crossed it all works out and everything is in the right place!

iloveberries Tue 31-May-16 19:29:44

How are you doing Op?

somethingfromnothing Tue 31-May-16 19:34:00

lucy I have had 2 ectopics and both have been managed expectantly which is when you don't require surgery or methotrexate. I hope you are doing okay and your HCG is dropping flowers

lucygooo Fri 03-Jun-16 10:49:14

Just wanted to update this, thanks for the messages. Expectant management seems to be working smoothly for me, hcg levels dropping (they have gone from 800 to 160 in the course of a week). Had a lot of bleeding and bad cramping for around a week but that has finished now and I'm just left with spotting - I am really hoping that is the end of it. The hospital still want to monitor me because of it being unknown location / suspected ectopic, but only weekly bloody tests now. I'm glad to have avoided surgery or needing methotrexate. Feel like it will take a bit longer for me to emotionally come to terms with what has happened.

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