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Energy drinks! Terrible cravings!

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prettyflowers111 Wed 18-May-16 11:30:34

Okay, so currently 26 weeks HORRAY! So far I've been very 'good' during pregnancy...switched to decaf tea the moment the test turned positive, no alcohol etc. But... I'm craving energy drinks. Not for the caffeine, for the taste. I ve searched for caffeine free alternatives but with no luck. Anyway... from my understanding we're allowed 200mg of caffeine per day. The energy drink I've been currently having a sneaky can of states 30mg per 100ml.... approx 75mg of caffeine per 250ml can. So way bellow the 200mg threshold as I'm no longer getting caffeine from my tea either.

Is it safe for me to be consuming an energy drink? Perhaps two to three times a week?

Normally I don't touch any think like that, I'm more of a herbal tea hippy dippy kinda girl, so I don't know where this craving has come from! I just LOVE the taste right now.

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