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Does anyone know the rules about sheep & being pregnant?

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Paula1 Sat 18-May-02 13:42:41

I seem to remember someone telling me ages ago that you mustn't go near sheep when you're in early pregnancy. Does anyone know if this is true? What does it mean exactly, I wanted to go to the local Farmers show tomorrow, does it mean stay out of the sheep tent - or does it mean I can't go at all? Thanks everyone.

Ems Sat 18-May-02 14:40:14

Paula1, it means be careful if you touch the sheep and then put your fingers in your mouth sort of thing! So you can go, but lots of hand washing and dont touch them.

Ems Sat 18-May-02 14:40:45

I see Tigger is around today, she'll know PRECISELY what it all means!

mears Sat 18-May-02 15:17:51

Paula 1,

You can go to the show but you should not touch the sheep. Sheep can carry an infection that can cause women to miscarry which is a real risk mainly for farmers wives and women who work with sheep.

Paula1 Sat 18-May-02 18:13:09

Thanks Ems and mears, very reassuring.

Tigger2 Sun 19-May-02 13:36:27

Around today sunday, actually, it is when ewes are lambing that pregnant women should NOT go near them as they could get Enzootic Abortion or Toxoplasmosis, but you can also get the latter from cats. You can go near sheep, just not when they are lambing, I was pregnant both times when our ewes were lambing, which was not handy at all!! At this time of the year sheep are fine.

Paula1 Sun 19-May-02 18:32:42

Thanks Tigger, we went today, and after all that there were no sheep there any way! We had a really good day.

charliesmummy Sun 19-May-02 22:54:44

Paula1 - heard this too, about Sheep and pregnancy and it applies to Goats as well. FI I was watching Countryfile today(educational - Moo, hosseys, peegs etc) and there will not be any sheep at the County Shows this year as Foot and Mouth was only declared clear a few weeks ago. A mind full of information me ..

Tigger2 Mon 20-May-02 09:10:54

There are no sheep this year at English Shows, as sheep can carry the F&M Virus and show no signs at all, and if they come into contact with cattle the consequences are horrendous, as cattle show it up within 24-48 hours. Glad you enjoyed the show.

jasper Tue 01-Apr-03 21:52:41

reviving this friend as a friend is pregnant and has a pet lamb but knows b#gger all about farming.She did not seem to be aware of any dangers and I did not want to say anything without checking my facts. Should she not stroke this lamb (which is about two weeks old)or its mother? . She is about halfway through her pregnancy.
What exactly are the risks?

SoupDragon Tue 01-Apr-03 22:20:29

I found a number of sites doing a Google search on sheep "pregnant women"
including this from the BBC. One site implies she should wear gloves when handling sheep/lambs.

Tigger2 Wed 02-Apr-03 14:04:40

Jasper, the "potential" risk is now past. Is this the only ewe and lamb she has?, does she work with sheep all the time?. I worked with the sheep when having my son who is now 6, but, was told that as I have been working with them most of my life I'm now nearly 33 I probably have built up an immunity to any potential dangers. I did not, however, take any risks, and wore my latex gloves when working with the ewes and DH fed any lambs that we born and in need of colostrum, as it is the cleansing from the ewe that carries the danger.

Cats are actually more of a risk than anything, they can carry toxoplasmosis, and in sheep it is Toxoplasmosis and Enzootic Abortion, that are the risks with them.

jasper Thu 03-Apr-03 00:33:54

Thanks Tigger. Yes it is her only sheep and lamb.
What do you advise?

tiledhouse Mon 25-Jan-16 20:59:47

Hi all help please. My partner and myself are farmers and our ewe's will be lambing within the next 2 weeks. I'm 10 weeks pregnant and have no option other than than to help as much as possible as we have no staff and alot of sheep. I know I can't physically help lamb any of the ewe's or touch the new born lambs but surely I can assist in the rest of the shed ie topping up feeders and water etc. Any advice from any other farmers out there please

kinkytoes Mon 25-Jan-16 21:12:57

Wow, MN has been going since 2002? shock

Sorry OP hope you get the advice you're looking for. I had no idea sheep were a risk!

Epilepsyhelp Mon 25-Jan-16 21:18:13

Looking back at tigger's advice it would seem you're OK to help out with the satellite jobs, wear latex gloves to be safe and use lots of hand sanitizer!

tiledhouse Mon 25-Jan-16 22:00:32

Thanks that's what I'm thinking just extra precautions protective clothing etc that I can either wash off when leaving the shed or throw away.

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