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Pelvic pain relief

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WizePranker Tue 17-May-16 14:26:25

Hiya. Looking for some relief for DWs pelvic pain. She's 16w with our second and the stabby stuff is far worse this time around. She has a chiropractor appt next week but wondering if there any wonder products/exercises with some (anecdotal) evidence of efficacy out there.

Any suggestions would be appreciated - she's in bits at the mo.

Salene Tue 17-May-16 14:32:14

No there is no magic cure I'm afraid I suffered terribly with pelvic girdle pain, the Chiro is the only thing that kept me out of a wheel chair and mobile enough to go about daily business

There is also a good book on Amazon wth exercises that has helped me and numerous friends of mine too

NHS physio is a waste of time.

Relieving Pelvic Pain During and After Pregnancy: How Women Can Heal Chronic Pelvic Instability

ifigoup Tue 17-May-16 14:40:07

Nothing is a magic bullet. Things that have intermittently helped me are:

Heat from a hot water bottle
Sleeping in recovery position with two pillows under bent/upper leg to keep it parallel to the bed
Wedging a pillow between my thighs (though NHS advice is not to do this)
Minimising walking as much as possible, especially stairs
Whenever possible, sitting on a birth/exercise ball (it's comfortable and also promotes core strength)
Kneeling on all fours
Pelvic floor exercises, and tensing pelvic floor muscles when I do need to e.g. turn over in bed.

But the gist of it is that it's really painful and miserable and your DW has my sincere sympathies.

SpoonfulOfJam Tue 17-May-16 14:46:36

Huge sympathy. I suffered from early on in both my pregnancies.

Ice was more effective than heat- helped with inflammation.

Clenching when standing, sitting, turning in bed.

Pillow between knees in bed.

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