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Bleeding 10 weeks?!

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Bethh123 Sun 15-May-16 18:12:33

I'm about 9 and a half 10 weeks pregnant and started to get a bit of discharge which was a pinkish colour like it was mixed in with blood. Then as the day progressed it got browner and turned into a redder colour. I had a scan at 7 and a half weeks due to spotting and I got told that the bleeding was from a irritated cervix and I heard baby's heartbeat so I know it was there. Is it possible that my cervix is more irritated or opened and I'm miscarrying?

Flackgirl Sun 15-May-16 18:33:36

Hi Beth, Sorry this is happening - I had spotting/bleeding on and off from 8 weeks throughout my pregnancy and I know it can be really distressing. I am absolutely not a medical expert but I would definitely call the midwife or triage if you are at all concerned. That's what they are there for and you are better to be safe than sorry in these circumstances. In my case, it was nothing sinister but I was always glad I got it checked out, or I would have worried about it endlessly.

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