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Placental abruption at 18 weeks - help.

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usagal Sun 14-Jan-07 17:37:37

Hello everyone!
I have lurked around on mumsnet for ages but never posted before. However, now I think I need some help and advice so any at all would really really be appreciated. I am English but have been living in the States for 8 months and am 18 weeks pregnant with baby no.3. Other pregnancies were problem free. I started bleeding about a week ago and went for a scan and it was discovered I have a placental abruption (a fairly significant one). The dr said I have to have more or less total bed rest at home for a couple of weeks until the bleeding stops. (yeah right with two kids!) They were generally not particularly positive. They spoke lots about being admitted at 24 weeks when the baby is viable for hospital bedrest and steroids as the baby would likely to be pre-term if the abruption doesn't get better. (Can it get better or will it just not get any worse?). When I asked if it was better or worse in terms of baby prognosis that the abruption was discovered early I was told it made no difference and at least if it is born now I will have no choice what will happen to it. (ie it will not stand a chance). I just wondered if anyone has had any experience of this - with good or bad outcomes? I have no family out here and I am really really scared.

cazzybabs Sun 14-Jan-07 17:39:42

No advice - but am sure someone will come soon who will!

Hope your baby stays put till at least 24 weeks!

SoupDragon Sun 14-Jan-07 18:39:39

bump in the hope that someone knowledgable spots this

lulumama Sun 14-Jan-07 18:43:02

how sorry ..

if baby born after 24 weeks, then it is hopeful that LO will be ok ,with a lot of help and a long hospital stay..

every day the baby stays in utero is a benefit...steroids will help lung maturity and resting in hospital should mean that should the abruption get worse, then you are in the right place for quick delivery...

i do not know an awful lot about abruptions, i don;t know if teh placenta can sort of re- embed or re- attach...

might be a good idea to call the midwife asap and see if you can get an appointemtn with the consulant to discuss all your worries and the various prognoses.....

fingers crossed baby stays in utero for a good long while yet xxx

divastrop Sun 14-Jan-07 20:27:49

is there anybody who can have your lo's so you can have total bedrest?

usagal Sun 14-Jan-07 21:18:03

Thatnks for advice everyone! My sister in Law is flying out here next week so I can do absolutely nowt -which will be good! Being in the States I don't have a midwife - you just see the obstetrician. My next appointment is in two weeks which seems an age away.

lulumama Sun 14-Jan-07 21:26:14

can you see your obs sooner.....2 weeks is a long time to wait without more advice re such a potentially serious as little as is possible...and any pain or bleeding go straight to A&E....fingers crossed x

alipiggie Sun 14-Jan-07 21:39:54

usagal whereabouts in the US are you?? There's a few of us over here.a

usagal Sun 14-Jan-07 22:25:37

hi alipiggie! I am in Portland, Oregon! There are quite a few English people over here - just not realy been here long enough to know lots of them yet. The ones I do know have rallied round though. This morning one of them popped round with English OK! magazine! Yippee! Where are you?

With regards to seeing the obs sooner - I spoke to her on the phone a couple of days ago and she said to come back in two weeks unless the bleeding got worse. The Dr I spoke to at the scan had already told her about my condition. My obs was very good and answered all my questions I had had the time, but I have thought of loads more now! I think one of the problems is, the Dr's over here REALLY don't hold back on giving info (My dh got meningitus soon after we arrived here so have experienced the American medical system before) - even if it is really bad - which is good but scary and in my case - adds to stress.

usagal Sun 14-Jan-07 22:26:30

I do know how to spell really - REALLY!

Uki Mon 15-Jan-07 09:16:58

Hi usagal
no advice really, just want to wish you tonns of luck and tell you try to relax as much as you can.

I have dr friend in Portland Oregan, and I live in Portland Oz, so a little connection here.
It's great your SIL is comming.

Best wishes to you and your family

usagal Mon 15-Jan-07 17:11:25


twoplusone Mon 15-Jan-07 18:44:11

Dont have anywords that will help just wanted to wish you luck and please rest as much as possible....
I know it is difficukt with two kids running around.. can your DH not take any time of work till your SIL arrives..

Good lUck..xx

usagal Thu 18-Jan-07 17:35:10

Hi everyone -

Just an update. - My sil has now arrived so at least I have some company and Iam putting my feet up (sort of!)
Still bleeding a litle bit, but arrording to the little bit of research I have done on the net the amount of bleeding you have doesn't really matter as the blood can often collect somewhere rather than come out - and I know I have quite a large pool of blood behind the placenta as it was identified on the scan. -mHowever - at least while I am not bleeding much there is a chance that it has stopped altogether. Going to see the docs a week on Monday - seems ages off!

Ettenna Fri 19-Jan-07 12:29:41

Very best wishes usagal. I've got everything crossed for you x

lulumama Fri 19-Jan-07 12:32:12

glad you are having a rest.....take it easy and look after yourself x

Pamina Fri 19-Jan-07 12:36:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mummydoc Fri 19-Jan-07 12:58:15

sorry to hear your news, as far as i know placental bleeds earlier in preganancy are not good news i am afraid, the placenta cannot re-imbed ( though i guess differing docs may have differing opinions) the bit of placenta which comes away then usually has bllod collect between it and the wall of your uterus. if it stabalises wiht only a small amount of placenta coming away then in theory the baby has a reasonable chance , sadly the fact that it has happened at all leads to a rahter guarded prognosis. rest up and keep your fingers crossed , i hope the next scan is positive, i also had a placental abruption ( complete) at term and it was terrifying . i am really sorry if i cannot be more positive but would hate to give false hope but if baby is still hanging in htere there is always some hope

Marina Fri 19-Jan-07 13:00:43

Wishing you all the best too usagal. These are serious things, I hope with all my heart your outcome is a good one.

usagal Sun 28-Jan-07 18:11:54

Hello everyone,

Just another update. - The baby is still hanging in there - but I am still continuing to bleed. I am now on total bedrest as I have had some bright red bleeding which means that the situation is getting worse rather than better. However, the last time I went to the OBS the baby had a strong heartbeat and I can still feel plenty of movement. They are now saying I may be admitted at 23 rather than 24 weeks - - they seem to be preparing me for a very premature birth. I have to book an appointment with a neonatal doctor for in a week or two so we can be told all about the kind of care we can expect for a baby born at varying weeks gestation - and to talk about choices we are going to have to make . I am absolutely petrified. I have been told that the tear is "very significant" and all the research I have done does not lead to a good prognosis - the doctors certainly don't appear to be particularly positive. However i can feel the little mite moving inside me and I can't give up hope. I know it sounds awful but I start to find myself thinking that if something hideous is going to happen I just wish it would happen sooner rather than later. My sister in law is going home on wednesday - she has been such a fantastic help. She is being replaced by my little brother's girlfriend. She doesn't have lots of experience with kids, but she can stay for threee weeks - i am sure she will be fine!

SoupDragon Sun 28-Jan-07 18:18:33

I know nothing about this but I'd hope that a strong heartbeat and lots of movement were good signs.

lulumama Sun 28-Jan-07 18:21:07

so sorry to hear cousin;s daughter was born at 25 weeks...she is ok now...she had a difficult start to life..but seems to be catching up, can walk, talk, see & hear....must be so incredibly stressful, positive vibes for you and LO..x

viclb76 Sun 28-Jan-07 19:36:23

Hi usagal'
I just want to say I really feel for you and know what you're going through.
When I was pg with dd2 I had a heavy bleed at about 22 wks.I was kept in for about a week until bleeding stopped then sent home with no explanation.
I was in pain for weeks after all across my bellybutton,it was like a stitchy, crampy like pain but worse.I kept telling them but was told it was muscular.Then at 30 wks I was rushed in where I just couldn't move with the pain .It was then that they found I had actually had a placental abruption,which probably explained the bleeding at 22wks .I was kept in until pain eventually went and given allsorts of medication.Iwas scanned weekly and told I would probably have a prem baby.After all the worry I ended up having her a week late and she was perfect.
I just want to say hang in there and at least they have diagnosed early and I hope everything goes o.k.Try and rest when you can and take all the help thats offered to you.
good luck

DaisyMOO Sun 28-Jan-07 19:49:10

Hi usagal

Just wanted to say that I'm sorry that things haven't got any better and I will be thinking of you and your baby. Please continue to let us know how things go.

usagal Sun 28-Jan-07 22:35:07

Thanks for all the advice and info - please keep it coming! I think the long and the short of it - is that this is a long, hard waiting game and there is hardly anything I can do. I have another appointment with OBS tomorrow - I expect there is no change - but will keep you all informed. I am so happy I de-lurked and was brave enough to actually start posting!

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