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7 Weeks Pregnant and Ongoing Brown Spotting

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Taara Sat 14-May-16 09:37:06

Just wondering if anyone has gone through a similar story! I'm 6w+6days pregnant and had one miscarriage last June. At the end of my 5th week, i started to have some bleeding (dark brown) for a week each time i use the toilet and when I wipe. It was enough to soak up the tissue (sorry for tmi). So through out my 6th week i had 3 ultrasounds (the first 2 didn't really show anything but my blood hormones were shooting up) but the 3rd showed a gestational sac but the consultant couldnt see anything inside (this was on 5w5d) so i'm booked in for another ultrasound at 7w5d. The bleeding has reduced and turned to a very mild brown and only when i wipe. I'm trying to stay really positive but I am worried a tiny bit. Would love to hear from anyone who's been thru anything similar.

Taara Thu 19-May-16 16:00:03

ok, I had my follow up appointment today and the doc said she could see the baby.. the yolk sac and foetal pole.. I'm 7w5d. but she couldn't see a heart beat. sad but since there's been significant improvement, I'm booked for another appointment after couple of weeks. worried!!

SnapCackleFlop Thu 19-May-16 16:03:41

I had a similar experience, spotting / bleeding. I went to the early pregnancy unit (I think it was called) but was maybe closer to 8 weeks at the time. All was fine in the end (DS is now 5!). smile

Taara Thu 19-May-16 19:07:15

Aww that's so good to know smile I'm hoping for the best too.. I just have to wait now..

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