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Sharing experience - MMC and EPRC

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Jen63007 Fri 13-May-16 14:09:51

Hi all, I just wanted to share my experience as I found other people's on here really helpful. Firstly having read that other people had MMCs I was more prepared for that as a possible outcome and thus my 12 week scan earlier this week was less of a shock. The midwife was caring and thoughtful in telling us and made sure we were as comfortable as could be expected while having it confirmed by a second midwife and doing paper work. I was rung by the early pregnancy care later that day and they explained the options of letting miscarriage happen naturally, inducing with tablets or having the eprc. We chose the eprc which happened only two days later as I didn't want to wait. We had our own room and although we waited a while for surgery when we went in they were caring, careful and you basically put a pill in to loosen the cervix and then they remove whatever is there in surgery. Painful for about half an hour after and then a bit of pain for a few hours but have taken no further pain killers after initial morphine and bleeding was manageable and stopped after 12 hours. I hope that most reading this never have to go through this but I wanted to post (something I never normally do) in the hope it would help someone else to have an idea what happens. Obviously it is upsetting to go through but personally as i never saw the embryo and it's development had stopped weeks ago I can think of it as a very long wait to a negative pregnancy test - it would be much harder if there was more development I'm sure. More the disappointment of what we thought we had and didn't rather than a loss as such. Hope this info helps someone - it is so much common than I had realised and I now know lots of people who have had similar. Sorry for those of you who may go through worse... xxx

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