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Boob question...

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MakiJ Fri 13-May-16 00:20:45

Well, I'm sure all the pregnant ladies out there are experiencing or have experienced this; what do you / did you do when nipples stayed so hard and dry, since very sensitive the bra is irritating ... confusedblushsadenvy

Do I use bio-oil or something? Please help shock

MintyBojingles Fri 13-May-16 04:05:01

Don't use bio oil or regular moisturiser, get yourself some lanolin (like lansinoh) and rub it in a couple times s day. If rubbing you might find breast pads help - don't buy cheap ones, but get something like johnsons or lansinoh. You can get both of the above at decent supermarkets, boots, or mothercare

MakiJ Fri 13-May-16 05:56:44

Thank you smilesmilesmile will do flowers

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