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The Baby Show 2016

(3 Posts)
MrsMarsch Wed 11-May-16 21:32:01

Hi all, I'm going to the NEC baby show at the weekend and I'd love to get some tips about which stands to visit and best bargains?

Thanks in advance Mumsnetters smile

SoloD Fri 14-Oct-16 09:58:08

Anyone got any stronger feelings about the Olympia show? Have a stack of things to buy, are the discounts worth the effort & expense of going?

SarahMOs Fri 14-Oct-16 13:07:35

I went with my sister to the London show earlier this year. There are a lot of bibs for sale that's for sure. We got her Bugaboo for a little cheaper via Mothercare as they matched the deal at another stand. We had fun and there were discounts but don't expect too much on that account.

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