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Pregnant? or Misscarriage?

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eckythumpenallthat Wed 11-May-16 19:36:30

I've googled and googled and my heads spinning. I'll try and keep to the facts and hope someone can help :-

Middle of Feb I had a Misscarriage at 9.5weeks. Baby measured 9 weeks. I had a d&c

First af post d&c in March arrived as expected was extremely heavy but I was expecting this with hormones settling etc

af in April arrived as expected. Not as heavy lasted 6 days. Stopped for 2 days and then started again lightly and I've been bleeding ever since (3 weeks now)

went to GP on Monday did a pregnancy test which much to my surprise was positive. She Referred me to gynae for a scan for 'retained product'

Had scan yesterday (stupidly on an empty bladder) and all was clear. No retained product, ovaries as should be, lining a good size. Gynae dr did swabs for infection, a blood hcg test on the off chance and gave me provera to stop the bleeding.

90 mins from leaving the hospital rung me back to say don't take the provera cos the hcg test came back positive and was 126. I've to go back tommorow (thur) to see if it's doubled.

Wtaf? If I go off my lmp id be 7.5 weeks so surely something would have come up on an abdominal scan, albeit with an empty bladder. Or am I just unlucky and this is another Misscarriage ?! I'm baffled and exhausted. Anyone with any clues or similar experience? Waiting and googling is killing me.

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