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waiting for first movements..

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daydream86 Wed 11-May-16 10:56:01

18 + 5 here and excitedly waiting to feel my little one move, not a twitch. I know could be a few weeks yet as FTM and that's completely normal but I'm getting a little impatient! I'm just musing over the fact that I think it's really strange when I lie really still I can feel what is definite gas bubbles, but something the size of a sweet potatoe, which is apparently thrashing around inside my womb? nope, not even a flutter! is anybody else finding it really strange?

Stom91 Wed 11-May-16 19:23:28

The first movements feel like gas bubbles! Is didn't deel DD1 until i was 21 weeks. Xx

MyBreadIsEggy Wed 11-May-16 19:27:07

I didn't feel anything until 22 weeks with DD - I mistook the movements for a trapped fart at first blush
I'm 15 weeks with dc2 at the moment, and am anticipating feeling movement earlier!!

FoxgloveStar Fri 13-May-16 11:06:02

I had first movements on my 20 week scan day. Once I noticed them they made me feel quite queasy for a while!!!

bonnyscott Fri 13-May-16 11:21:24

I'm 24 weeks and had my first real kicks this week. I'd say I've had strong flutters and movements for the last couple of weeks... X.

Northernlight22 Fri 13-May-16 13:33:49

Same here .... I'm 18+2 and a FTM. I agree it does seem strange that given its size I haven't felt anything!

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