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keylimepieforme Tue 10-May-16 13:36:40

I'm currently 29 weeks pregnant with dc2, I was sent for a growth scan today as the midwife said I was measuring small, there they said I have IUGR, just wondered if anyone else has had this and their experiences of it, slightly worried and not too sure what to expect, have to go back to the hospital in a couple of hours to be hooked up to some sort of machine?? I'm guessing to listen to placenta maybe? And also start consultant led care plan, completely clueless though and any insight into it would be greatly appreciated x

QueenMolotov Tue 10-May-16 17:07:13

No personal experience of IUGR here, but a friend of mine had it. She was 40yo at the time; her third baby. There was an anomaly in one of the placental vessels which meant that the placenta wasn't nourishing the baby as it should. She was scanned weekly (don't know when from) and the baby was delivered at 32w, as she had stopped growing in the womb and it was deemed safer for her to be delivered then.

My friend had an ELCS, which as far as I know, was problem free. Baby spent time in the SCBU until the approximate date she would have been born (8w or so). My friend is still very positive about her experience there. The baby is one year old now and is absolutely fine. She has some issues with feeding (she has an aversion to chunky food, so weaning has been slower than expected). She is a little smaller than average.

My friend is one of the most chilled out people I have ever met, and I admire her attitude (I wish I was more like that!) She really did just take each day as it came, and that seems like the best thing to do in stressful situations like these.

Wishing you all the best x

keylimepieforme Wed 11-May-16 10:40:06

Thank you for your reply, your friend sounds like a strong woman! Like you said though it's best to keep calm as stress isn't good for the baby.
I had two CTGs yesterday and I'm booked I to have two a week and a growth scan per week, seeing my consultant at the end of May to see if a c-section would be best, feeling overwhelmed as up until now it's all been straightforward and I'm guessing I took my easy pregnancy for granted.
Information regarding IUGR without a reason for it is hard to come by so it's hard to get my head around, it's great to hear that your friends child is doing well though. I'm going to stay positive and take it one appointment at a timesmile

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