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Weight Gain & Water Retention 1st Trimester

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AKP79 Tue 10-May-16 12:53:30

I've put on nearly 6lbs and I'm only 10w5d pregnant. I've not changed my eating as I haven't had much nausea or food aversions. I was following Slimming World before falling pregnant and although weight loss was slow it was either coming off or staying the same. I have continued to follow Slimming World and go to weekly meetings yet have put on 6lbs which I'm finding really upsetting.

I have also started to get a lot of water retention. My legs have puffed up and feel really heavy and I've already had to remove my rings.

It's really getting me down is this all normal?

Snoopysimaginaryfriend Tue 10-May-16 13:09:12

Hi AKP79, you may just want to double check with your GP (presuming you haven't had your booking appointment yet) but for me water retention has been absolutely normal but completely horrendous. I had to remove my wedding ring fairly early on. At first the puffiness would be worse in the evening but I now just wake up with it. My legs, feet and ankles are even worse. I've had to wear the same pair of stretchy shoes everyday since Christmas.
At least she's due on Sunday so I have some kind of end in sight. Good luck

AKP79 Tue 10-May-16 13:16:45

Thank you for the reply snoopy I've had my booking in appointment (it was quite early on) and at that stage I'd only gained 2lbs so wasn't too worried and water retention wasn't that noticeable. In the last few days I've noticed my feet have started tingling at times so I think, if just for the reassurance, a docs appointment might be a good idea.

Sorry to hear you've been suffering too... I hope it all goes well and you're relieved from the water retention!! smile x

Kariana Tue 10-May-16 14:25:35

Whilst you wait to see the doctor you can try to help reduce the bloating by drinking more water (sounds counter intuitive but it does help), cut down on salt (if you are eating any of the slimming world ready meals you might want to check them), eat bananas, cut out tea and coffee and other caffeinated drinks, and try putting your feet up when you're sitting down.

Don't get too down about the weight gain at this stage, once I reached the second trimester I dropped a few pounds as the bloating went down!

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