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Pregnancy insomnia

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lollyp16 Tue 10-May-16 02:26:48

Helo, I don't no want to do feeling distress not able to sleep well since yesterday slept around 9pm awake up around 3am couldn't get back to sleep till today...still fully awake I can't sleep at all, please I need ur advice what can I do? Am 35weeks pregnant, I hope this sleepless night is not going to hurt my also suffering from nausea, is it because of anxiety or what? Is it advisable to use medication to make me relax and sleep... Is it normally at this stage of pregnancy, am feeling depress... Urgent reply please..

PoppieD Tue 10-May-16 02:55:13

Hi lolly 32 weeks here and lots of insomnia for me! Not sure if is heat or not- our maternity unit are so helpful and always say can phone for advice 24/7 do you have access to that?

lollyp16 Tue 10-May-16 03:05:23

ok....thanks do u have any number of d maternity unity please, I called our triage around 8pm, but I was told to go to see my GP advice.

PoppieD Tue 10-May-16 03:13:47

It would have to be the one who you are local to I think. Have you tried nhs 101 if you're really worried or if you have facebook then look at the Tony's page as they have an advice line.

lollyp16 Tue 10-May-16 03:19:27

Ok...thanks very much

HD18 Tue 10-May-16 03:56:08

You're definitely not alone, I'm 35 weeks and have had insomnia for the past 5-6 days. I haven't slept a full night since last week and it's driving me crazy. I would recommend trying some lavender pillow spray if you can get hold of any as it's helped me in the past lots but doesn't seem to be doing anything recently (might be the heat). Are you still working? If not I would take full advantage and nap during the day if you can. Hope it passes soon for you X

lollyp16 Tue 10-May-16 04:08:18 really missing my sleep,just fully awake since yesterday, no sleep at all, I hope I get my sleep back soon cause it making me feeling sick, not working.

CatchIt Tue 10-May-16 04:12:05

Hello! I'm 35 weeks too and have been struggling to get back to sleep at between 2 & 3am, I call it the witching hour! This has been going on for ages!

You won't hurt your baby, you'll just be really tired. If you can nap during the day, do.

I'm sure someone will be along soon with some better advice.

PoppieD Tue 10-May-16 04:15:40

I usually manage to fall back asleep around 3:30 ish but am now being kept awake by all the birds and heat!

eurochick Tue 10-May-16 04:16:53

When I was pg I had insomnia literally from the moment of conception until delivery. It was shit. I read a lot of books.

lollyp16 Tue 10-May-16 04:38:50

Since couple of weeks b4 I do sleep early like 8pm or 9pm wake up around 12am or 2am not getting back to sleep till 4am, wake up like 7am,at least sometimes sleep during day...but since have wake up at 3am Monday morning have not getting any sleep till now, maybe it the heat, I hope it well soon. Thanks

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