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Just about to start Clomid

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Jemmasdilemma Sun 08-May-16 23:36:24

I have been TTC first baby for 1 year, I have pcos with v irregular periods. I'm due to start 50mg of clomid on Tuesday.

Really interested to learn what to expect (hopefully a baby!) but what side effects have any of you experienced? I'm not put off by this as I'm willing to try anything. Also any tips to help this along would be most welcomed.

AmyC86 Mon 09-May-16 11:31:53

There is a really Good forum about this on the conception section xxx

photographerlady Mon 09-May-16 16:29:45

I had wildly different experiences on clomid.

First clomid baby I started acupuncture shortly into taking the my tablets 2-6 cd. It really helped with the stress. I found that it was either the anticipation of the meds making me really nervous and upped my anxiety. Only other thing I noticed was sharp pains on ovulation days and then a heaviness towards the end of my cycle. I also used Pre-seed during this cycle.

Second baby was completely different. I still had the mild cramping but no sharp pains and it was actually just period like feelings around the time I got my BFP. Worth noting with my second (32 weeks pregnant now) I did two cycles prior to getting my BFP all the same symptoms.

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