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First purchase for baby?

(26 Posts)
bumblebee86 Sun 08-May-16 22:03:59

I am only just over 6 weeks pregnant with my first baby and wondering when most people start to buy things for the new baby?

How many weeks were you when you first bought something for the baby? What did you buy?

Wolfiefan Sun 08-May-16 22:05:32

I didn't buy anything until after my 20 week scan. Certainly not before 12 week scan.
The first thing we bought was a travel system in the sale.

QforCucumber Sun 08-May-16 22:06:33

Mine was after the 12 weeks scan and I bought a 'pot of dreams' money box -it has a rocking horse on and loads of polka dots. We spent the pregnancy filling in with £1 and £2 coins (it's not full yet and he's 7 weeks old) we decided when he's old enough he can smash it and put the money in his account.

Junosmum Sun 08-May-16 22:17:03

13 weeks bought a travel system as it was an absolute steal. Didn't buy anything else until about 23 weeks. But had bought everything by 30 weeks.

BabyBumpHopeful Mon 09-May-16 00:00:23

I'm 8+5 but I bought some little things before being pregnant. I have a tupperware feeding set (I was a consultant) which includes a formula dispenser and 2 other dishes. I also have a Tupperware Shape-O ball.

When my sister was first pregnant in 2012 I got her a car seat cover (but she didn't end up getting a removable car seat/travel system) and a breast-feeding cover (she couldn't bf) and I still have both of those.

So really I haven't bought anything since finding out I'm pregnant so all the above stuff is just for "any" future child. I had thought a little outfit for the "reveal" to DH's parents might be a cute idea but I must admit it feels kinda jinxy to buy something specific for this baby... Not that I don't want to mind you, baby stuff is so cute!

Mummyme87 Mon 09-May-16 06:35:05

I bought some funky polarn o pyret clothes at 15weeks in the Jan sales. And a nappy bin at 16weeks as we wanted one plus it was mega cheap

sidonie1 Mon 09-May-16 06:51:12

When you first find out it's such an exciting moment - with my three pregnancies I've let myself treat the baby to a tiny cute sleep suit or something just to curb my excitement, then waited until the 12 week scan. All the big stuff like pushchairs, etc I've spent ages researching so only bought after week 30.

IamChipmunk Mon 09-May-16 06:56:21

Nothing til after the 20 week scan then first thing for DS was a little stuffed zebra and a blue stripey blanket.

Pregnant with number two now so obviously have a lot of stuff but after 20 week scan got a couple of outfits as it's a DD this time!

Artandco Mon 09-May-16 07:26:17

After 20 weeks. If you start buying too soon you will end up with mountains of unessecary stuff.

My tip is spend the next 10-15 weeks researching and deciding online what you would like. Look at what will suit your lifestyle. Small pram/ big pram/ no pram. do you want a cot/ cot bed/ floor matress/ basket? Etc etc. Means when you do you buy you don't buy something unsuitable and have to rebuy later. Think of longevity of most things, if they only last a month or two is it worth buying? Then as you end up buying less you can generally buy higher quality.

Also by waiting you can also see if anybody ie grandparents are offering to buy an item, or a friend might off to donate something used but great

kiki22 Mon 09-May-16 08:14:05

I bought my pram just after 12 weeks because the one I wanted was on sale for half price, other stuff ive bought as I've went long I'm only 24 weeks and almost done buying but my earnings will stop in June so it needed to be bought before then and I'm rubbish at saving.

If you plan to buy second hand (ive saved £££) then start looking after 12 weeks if you have something particular you want. I'm not superstitious waiting until after 12 weeks but if you start before you will be done with months and months left.

putthePuffindown Mon 09-May-16 08:26:27

Nothing till after 20 week scan then the first thing was a little vest on sale in Tesco. We did prebuy much after reading advice om here.

We got a free moses basket from Gumtree and a 2nd hand pram system (we decided what style we wanted from the shops then waited for it to be listed). I bought a few bags of clothes on ebay* and we bought a car seat (new obv.)

* This I would deffo do again as it gave us a good range of styles and types to see what worked best for us

putthePuffindown Mon 09-May-16 08:27:27

Roar. FYAC. Didnt prebuy much.

Only1scoop Mon 09-May-16 08:28:32

Started shopping about 26 weeks just bits and bobs and pram about 30 weeks.

Beth2511 Mon 09-May-16 08:31:51

With dd we had everything by 14 weeks thanks to crazy over excited grandparents.

This time we bought some clothes once we found out he was a boy at 16 weeks

chelle792 Mon 09-May-16 08:37:21

Dh bought a baby blanket when I was about five weeks pregnant last time. I'm so glad he did because I lost the baby at 11.5 weeks. It was the only thing we bought and it's nice to have something iycwim.

I'm now currently five weeks pregnant again and am starting to think about buying one little thing again

ppandj Mon 09-May-16 08:38:10

We didn't buy anything big until after 12 week scan, but on the day of the scan we went and bought a few baby clothes. Then after 20 week scan we bought the big things. We didn't buy some basics though which I regretted. Lots of stuff I wish I had bought beforehand that we didn't, and lots of stuff we did buy that we didn't even use.

RaeSkywalker Mon 09-May-16 08:42:03

I'm 12+1 with DC1 and we were really tempted by a gorgeous rattle yesterday. We didn't buy it though- I want to know that things are ok first (dating scan is in Wednesday). I think then we'll buy an outfit or something just to curb the excitement, and wait until after 20 weeks for the rest.

RaeSkywalker Mon 09-May-16 08:44:07

We've also been trying to resist discussing names but have been less successful there- we've got a list of 4 girls names we both like but can't agree on any boys names. I've got a feeling that it's a boy as well! We're not finding out the sex.

FirstTimeMummy25 Mon 09-May-16 08:47:20

After 12 week scab we brought little bits didn't buy anything monumental until after 20 week scan

smellsofelderberries Mon 09-May-16 13:54:52

I'm 13+2 and the only thing we've bought are a little t-shirt and I threw a pack of muslins in my Amazon basket the other week when I needed to bulk out an order for delivery. I never bought anything during my last pregnancy (MMC at 11 weeks) and I'm really glad I didn't as it would have felt very strange to have bought something for that baby, to then give that thing to the next (this) baby.

Now we've had a good scan and the baby is looking healthy I will probably start buying a few bits, just to spread the cost, but little things like a wrap carrier and white vest onsies. Big items will be done after 30 weeks as we will be moving around then.

seven201 Mon 09-May-16 17:43:52

We bought a cute sleep suit a few days after the 12 week scan. Then I don't think anything much until after the 20 week scan. I'm nearly 34 weeks now and we got our pram a couple of weeks ago.

onthemetro Mon 09-May-16 17:56:58

I'm 12+2 and we bought a pram when I was 7 weeks, but that's only because a woman was selling the pram I wanted for £35 and it's immaculate. Saved a good few hundred there, and we kept saying that if things did go wrong we would easily make our £35 back.

Other than that I'm waiting until my 12 week scan and even then I don't think I'll be buying too much. It's so tempting though because baby stuff is so cuuuuuuute

mummydoc123 Mon 09-May-16 19:32:05

I bought one outfit early on because I wanted to have something even if we lost the baby (we'd had a lot of problems early on). I have bought a few things at 20 weeks but nothing major. Last time I bough hardly anything as I was so superstitious then had to send DH to shops on emergency mission post birth while I was still in hospital!

JillyCooper2015 Mon 09-May-16 23:50:51

We bought a crochet rabbit when we decided we wanted a family - we had a vasectomy reversal to go through etc

Bought a few little bits on holidays and stuff - cute hippy pants that could always be for friends kids if nature made a decision for us

Currently 8+0 and bought some booty's and have started knitting a hoody.

Will be finding out the sex as want to make lots of things for her / him (definitely think she is a girl) cos I love Indian and African fabric and not seen much about in the shops so will need to make my own !

NickMarlow Mon 09-May-16 23:58:44

The first thing we bought was a little teddy attached to a fleecy blanket, the day of the 12 week scan. Dd has slept with it every night since we came home from the hospital.

I don't think we got much else until 20weeks or so.

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