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Realistically- is there anything that can reduce water retention?

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Zoomtothespoon Sun 08-May-16 15:26:04

I'm roughly 13 weeks and will be going to Ibiza for a week at the end of August when I will be roughly 28 weeks.

This is my third. My first was due in August and I retained water terribly over the summer, my second was due end of April and Although I mainly put on water weight, it wasn't horrendous.

I'm wondering if there's going to be anything that I can help to reduce/prevent excess water gain over the summer and before my holiday as this will be really uncomfortable.

All I can think is staying active, drinking plenty of water, Epsom salt baths.... Would a pregnancy massage help? Consume more potassium rich foods?

If anyone has any ideas please let me know

If I can avoid the red raw chaffing thys on the beach I'll be a happy little whale

kiki22 Sun 08-May-16 16:43:51

Just what you have said staying active is key and healthy diet. Pregnancy massage might help if you do it regularly from when it starts I would recommend a professional does it if the fluid is not pushed the correct way its pointless.

Shortninbread Mon 09-May-16 08:50:18

I had terrible water retention with my first and really sympathise with you. Followed by nights sweats after the birth for weeks to get rid of it all. Sorry for overshare!

What helped me was Thai reflexology massage (the feet one). Reducing wheat in diet also helped a bit. Putting your feet up above waist level when watching TV etc. Staying active but not exhausting yourself.

scrumptiouscrumpets Mon 09-May-16 13:09:43

Your body needs more salt during pregnancy in order to build up blood volume, if your diet is low in salt during pregnancy this will increase the likelihood of water retention. So paradoxically, don't cut down on salt even if you have water retention. Your diet should be high in protein for the same reason, a protein intake of at least 80 g per day is recommended after 20 weeks.

LumpishAndIllogical Mon 09-May-16 14:29:14

I'm confused on the babycentre it says cut down on fat and salt in diet as these cause you to hang on to water

I get water retention/swelling a lot in hot weather even if not pregnant ha!

Also was told by a doctor to move around and drink lots of water (think dehydration can make you hang on to fluids??) and eat fruit

superking Mon 09-May-16 14:34:38

I have found swimming to be really effective at keeping water retention under control this time round. The water pressure helps to push retained water through your system and I always have to do a huge wee after just half an hour in the pool (and I don't swallow mouthfuls of pool water)! I am nearly 37 weeks now and still wearing my rings and normal shoes - in my first pregnancy (no swimming) I was puffed up from about 35 weeks.

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