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Expecting in Oxford anyone?

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plasmon Fri 12-Jan-07 22:48:50

Are you pregnant and live in the Oxford area?
I'm new around here and would like to know what's available, can you help?

RedC Sat 13-Jan-07 17:08:41

Hi plasmon. I'm not from Oxford myself (a bit further south in Bucks), but I've had myself referred to the lovely John Radcliffe hospital in Headington, Oxford, to give birth. The Women's Centre there is great and the Maternity Unit has a very good reputation. I have endometriosis and have my treatment for that at the John Radcliffe, so for me it was an easy decision to give birth there as I'm so familiar with the hospital now.

I'm sorry I can't be more help with any other useful Oxford information as all but the birth bit is taking place nearer to home for me.

JoshandJamie Sat 13-Jan-07 18:02:05

John Radcliffe is the big hospital. I gave birth in Wallingford maternity unit which isn't a million mile from Oxford and it was fab - they really look after you, bringing you tea and toast when you're up feeding in the night etc

MrsBadger Sat 13-Jan-07 18:12:39

[waves hand]
doesn't mean I know what's going on though... I spent ages looking for the Oxford branch of the NCT which I was sure existed but appears to have vanished - I'm waiting to collar my midwife and get the lowdown on the local antenatal classes etc and I'd suggest you do the same.

The one thing I have found out is that the pool nearest me only does aquanatal sessions at 12noon on a Monday - useless if you work - but Ferry pool in Sumemrtown do them on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

plasmon Sat 13-Jan-07 19:29:47

Thank you girls! What stage are you at? I've only just found out, don't really know how many weeks,I think about 5 or 6.
I'm in Abingdon, what about you?

JoshandJamie Tue 16-Jan-07 17:43:46

To belatedly answer your question, I no longer live in Oxfordshire, but I'm only about 20 mins from Abingdon, as I'm just north of Newbury. I now have two little boys aged 3 years and 16 months and hopefully won't have to worry about where to give birth again

Abwab Thu 18-Jan-07 21:15:35

Hi there, I'm in Didcot and 10+2 with my second. I too gave birth at the Wallingford (and hope to this time round too) and its the best place in the world, they had to kick me out last time!

JackieNo Thu 18-Jan-07 21:24:08

I'm not pregnant, but can definitely recommend the Breastfeeding Clinic up at the John Radcliffe - they're absolutely brilliant. There's also a breastfeeding cafe thing in Abingdon, kind of drop-in thing - I think this is the one (though I never got to it).

CKMUM Fri 19-Jan-07 07:52:18

i used to live in the same street as a woman from the NCT and recently saw a poster in the library about them so think they must still exist!

I'm planning a home birth but have heard the NHS midwives and the JR hospital are fantastic.

MrsBadger Fri 19-Jan-07 08:24:19

found 'em - it was because they've got their own website rather than running off the NCT main page. Seems like they run (or are at least linked to) the baby cafe Jackie recommended.

Ettenna Fri 19-Jan-07 12:23:00

I'm in Abingdon and work in Oxford, 34 weeks PG. This thread has been useful. Does anyone else get fed up when things like pregnancy yoga and aquanatal classes are at say 11:30 on a weekday? Do they think that we all take maternity leave at 16 weeks?! Or maybe I've just been unlucky. Could anyone recommend a yoga class in either Abingdon or Oxford in the evenings?

Pruni Fri 19-Jan-07 12:28:49

Message withdrawn

Ettenna Fri 19-Jan-07 14:09:07

Thanks Pruni!

Jamantha Fri 26-Jan-07 17:08:22

Hi, I'm almost 16 weeks in and in Didcot. Am strongly considering Wallingford for the birth if they'll have me. Going to look more into both that and the JR at Oxford though.

Notquitesotiredmum Fri 26-Jan-07 17:18:58

Just wanted to add a vote of confidence for the JR delivery suite and for the breastfeeding clinic up on level 5 which is absolutely fantastic.

If you are staying in at the JR after giving birth, I found that the wards are a bit big and impersonal, unlike the smaller cottage hospitals around, but I couldn't fault the Women's Centre, where the delivery rooms are made to be as much like bedrooms at home as possible. The midwives I met were all very supportive. (Though the birthing pool is made of concrete and quite hard compared to the ones you can hire!)

Before you go in, check out which days the breastfeeding clinic is open, and do make sure that you pop in to say hello to them, even if feeding is going well. They are a fabulous and dedicated team, who make you cups of tea and let you stay all day if you need to, whilst your little one feeds. The midwives on the ward are a bit too busy to offer that kind of help/support.

Lilymaid Fri 26-Jan-07 17:26:09

I had DS2 in Oxford and then transferred to Wallingford (15 years ago). Wallingford was a wonderful place - lovely midwives who brought baby to you at night (and changed their night time nappies) and good food. It sounds as though it is still good!

Notquitesotiredmum Fri 26-Jan-07 20:35:15

You certainly don't get any nappies changed for you at the JR! You can have your baby there and then plan to be transferred to a smaller hospital, which sounds like a really good balance, though what do you mean Lilymaid that the midwives brought your baby to you at night? Where do they keep the babies then? At JR your baby is in their cot at your bedside all night (although you are only allowed to have the baby in bed with you to feed, not to sleep all night - think that may be general policy now.)

choosyfloosy Fri 26-Jan-07 20:45:54

i had a nappy changed at the JR though I think it may be because I was on a slightly higher risk ward/bay with mums post-C-section as i'd had a postpartum haemorrhage (dreadful name for possibly the least dramatic event of my life, i've had scarier nosebleeds). I thought the JR was pretty good and VERY clean but have heard slightly mixed reviews. Never anything other than rave reviews about the maternity led units like Wallingford.

Tours of the JR maternity unit happen i think twice a week, you can just turn up without booking. well worth it. give them a ring for times here

If you do go to the JR and want to breastfeed, again i'd strongly advise using the breastfeeding clinic (in 2004 it was Monday and Thursday mornings). even if you think everything's fine. I thought everything was fine and would have saved myself a lot of trouble if I'd stuck around and spent half an hour there. But TBH don't expect any other staff member at the JR to encourage you to go there - they are often slightly funny about it, as if its presence is an insult to their ability to support breastfeeding. (no comment).

And finally, if by some miracle you have enormous amounts of money and decide to go for an independent midwife, may I recommend the lovely \link{ Miskin-Garside}. She was my antenatal midwife (NHS) and I have heard all about births she was at, she's brilliant. And if there is one thing I and many others would change about the current NHS system it is the fact that you rarely meet the midwife you have at your birth beforehand. A weird time to make a new relationship. (but don't worry, it's quite doable!)

what a huge post, sorry.

Jamantha Fri 26-Jan-07 21:32:05

Glad that you found the JR clean choosyfloosy. I found the woman's centre fine when I went in for my 12 week scan in December, but a couple of years ago I was in as a day case to have an ovarian cyst drained. As I walked about in the room where they were doing the procedure I noticed the plastic tops they twist off the little tubes of saline for flushing injections etc on the floor under my feet. I only noticed because I was wearing a dressing gown and thick slipper sock things rather than proper slippers, but I wasn't very impressed. I was first one in for the day and they were still getting the equipment set up, so it was likely that the plastic bits hadn't been cleaned up from the day before. I wasn't impressed with the thouoght that the floor hadn't even been swept when they were about to go sticking needles up inside particular parts of my anatomy! (Thankfully no harm done, and cyst was drained with no problems and touch wood no re-occurance, though)

choosyfloosy Fri 26-Jan-07 21:34:05

Blimey Jamantha. Maybe they've let things slip again

Ivanka Sun 16-Mar-08 15:46:27

Hi guys. I teach antenatal pilates in Jericho (Oxford, 2nd&3rd trimester), Sundays 10-11am.
If you are interested call me on 07818062351.

PetitFilou1 Sun 16-Mar-08 21:04:50

Plasmon I don't live round there yet but am moving very close to Abingdon in April (am on dc no 3) Abingdon NCT seems quite active, might be worth you contacting them. I'm planning a home birth this time and the local midwives seem very friendly - over the phone at least.

Lotte28 Sat 13-Sep-08 17:30:59

I'm 18 weeks with my first child and live in Abingdon, does anyone go to or know of Antenatal yoga or aqua in the area or surrounding areas. I work full time so evenings would be great.

titmouse Sat 13-Sep-08 19:34:56

* puts hand up* I live in Oxford, I'm going for a home birth even though I was born at the JR myself!I am encouraged by the positive posts about the JR as I have a complete dread of the place due to family stuff.

I'm not sure what there is around here yet as I am very new to this, nearly 13 weeks, but in my local area (Kidlington) there seems to be a huge number of groups for people with babies and children, not sure about ante natal groups but I imagine I will find out soon.
I have friends with babas in other parts of Oxford and I understand that the Iffley/Rose Hill area is very well served by the Donnington Doorstep family centre.

abidgegirl Sat 13-Sep-08 19:59:04

I live near Abingdon and am 24 weeks pregnant with number two. DS is 14 months though so pretty fresh memories of last time - born at the JR and then transferred out to Wallingford for a few days which I can highly recommend. Had a really positive experience in the JR though - just moved out for a bit of 'aftercare' as Wallingford had some spare beds (it was fab). This time I'm hoping to go for the new midwife led unit at the JR which is apparently opening this month, I believe on the 7th floor. Don't know that much about it but my midwife recommended it - and you're only a lift ride away if you need to be transferred to the main delivery suite!

Lots on and around Abingdon - did NCT with DS, am doing a refresher this time round. Recommend the baby cafe in Abingdon for excellent breastfeeding support - also did various activities such as Baby College in Oxford, and Baby Swimming in Abingdon. Have done some of the antenatal pilates that have been mentioned earlier in the thread in Oxford on a Sunday which I'd highly recommend - and also am planning to start aquanatal at the Abingdon leisure centre on a Monday lunchtime (which I didn't do last time as was f/t working - this time p/t so going to give it a whirl).
Will let you know if I think of anything else smile.

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