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Night terrors in pregnancy

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Camperchick3 Sun 08-May-16 09:14:24

(Hoping this is in the right place- I'm new to this site :-) )
I have suffered with night terrors, sleep walking and hallucinations for the past 10years- have seen neuropsychologists and doctors etc and there isn't a cure in sight, it doesn't bother me much in normal life but since being pregnant (I am 16weeks) my partner is concerned about the affects of the adrenaline rush and increased heart rate when I have them. I often sit bolt upright or leap out of bed and my heart feels like it's thumping out of my chest- guessing this might not be good for baby?! Just wondered if anyone else has a similar sleep disorder to me and what kind of advice they might have been given? I used to take amatrriptaline (sorry for spelling!) very occasionally (eg is I was staying away from home) but am reluctant to do so as it would be like introducing a new drug as I haven't taken it in such a long time.

bessie84 Sun 08-May-16 11:55:12

couldnt read and run.

im no expert, as in, i didnt have night terrors until i became pregnant (didnt have them in previous pregnancies, just this one)

i have EXACTLY as you describe. and they are worse when im exhausted. and even more so when i have anxious days.

docs / consultants assure me they wont affect baby and as pregnancy as progressed, they have become less frequent, which for you, as you suffer already, that might not be the case. can you ask midwife to refer you to consultant and see what he suggests?

sending you hugs, sorry to be of no help, your not alone.

Camperchick3 Sun 08-May-16 13:14:37

Thanks :-)
I have been referred to a 'mental health' consultant but appointment isn't til end of July which seems a bit far away! Also not convinced how useful it will be as it's quite an unusual condition in adults so I often find doctors don't understand (except for the specialist sleep doctor neuropsychologist I saw!). Reassuring that your doctor doesn't seem to think it will be harming the baby! My partner is concerned because "gentle exercise" is recommended but the effects of a night terror are much stronger than just gentle exercise!!!

Shortninbread Mon 09-May-16 08:54:48

Sorry to hear about this Camperchick. Whilst I don't have your history of night terrors I certainly notice very lucid and not always pleasant dreams, with loads more insomnia, during my first trimester of pregnancy. It's the blessed hormones causing havoc. Would this be making things worse at the moment for you? It might help to know the insomnia settles down during second tri.

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