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Am I eating enough? worried about little weight gain

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justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Fri 06-May-16 14:03:06

I'm 27 weeks, I hopped on the scales and since early pregnancy have put on 5lbs.

Before pregnancy I was never over weight but could ideally have lost 2st - I'm tall so carry it fairly well. Since I fell pregnant (2nd baby) I have been a bit up and down with what I've eaten. There were times I've eaten a lot of junk and others really healthy. The past few weeks I've had a bit of extra energy and have been cooking every meal from scratch. I'll have things like:

Wholemeal pancakes/ oats with an egg cracked in/ greek yog with honey - all with some fruit.

Lunch could be leftover dinner, homemade soup and buttered bread/ cous cous with halloumi or smoked mackerel and salad/ baked sweet potato with cottage cheese, ham and salad.

Dinner spaghetti bolognese/ curry with brown rice/ cottage pie with sweet potato mash/ chicken stir fry/ sausages, egg etc.

Snacks are usually an apple, some cheese, turkey slices and perhaps a fruit and nut bar.

It's just although I'm happy with the food I'm eating I don't think I'm meeting the 2000 calorie guideline, never mind the additional recommended 200cals for final trimester. So far I've measured up fine so no concerns on small bump, but yea I guess I've just jumped on the scales and am panicking I could harm baby because I haven't put on very much? Should I make myself eat more do you think?

I always eat when I'm hungry so was never really concerned about it until now. Or is my weight gain in fact average?

justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Fri 06-May-16 14:05:42

Oh I've also started adding some plain natural protein powder to my coffee/tea to help bump up my protein intake - it gives me an extra 16g a day as I find it hard to meet the 71g requirement for pregnant women! So I'm getting enough calcium this way too.

Hellohellohowareyou Fri 06-May-16 14:47:38

What you are eating sounds really healthy so try not to worry too much.

I had hyperemesis with both of my pregnancies and went for ages when all I would eat all day was one aunt Bessie's small Yorkshire pudding 😳, some days it was nothing at all. I actually ended up lighter at the end of my pregnancies than I was at the start.

Maybe just mention it to your midwife at your next appointment to put your mind at ease but I think you will be fine

mellmumma Fri 06-May-16 18:35:52

sounds like a perfect pregnancy diet to me!

maybe just up your carbs and portions (have extra rice, spaghetti etc)

i have similar to you and like to add a piece of bread and butter with most evening meals! i also have a bowl of shredded wheat mid morning too.

i have put on much more than 5 pounds though! 29 weeks and more than a stone so far x

Dakin1 Fri 06-May-16 20:45:38

Sounds pretty perfect. I actually lost weight in the first trimester and didn't really gain any weight until after 30 weeks and my bubba turned out just fine. As long as you are eating regular meals I wouldn't worry

kiki22 Fri 06-May-16 20:56:51

2200 Cal's is actually a lot for many people I could never eat that much unless I was eating crap. I'm 24 weeks and gained 4 lbs midwife says it's fine since I wasn't under weight before.

justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Fri 06-May-16 21:24:54

Thanks all for reassuring comments. I will mention it to mw next but yes as long as I'm eating well and regularly then I'm sure everything is normal and well. I agree kiki I could only eat that much if I added a couple of chocolate bars to my day!

CointreauVersial Fri 06-May-16 21:29:48

I lost weight in the first half of the pregnancy. I probably had a bit to lose anyway, and I think the baby just "ate" the surplus! I always had a neat little bump and never got very big.

There's a reason why they don't use weight gain any more as a measure of pregnancy progression - it's utterly variable.

Just remember, the baby is selfish and will get all the nutrition at the expense of you. So if you were feeling tired, hungry, lacking in energy etc. then that would be the time to worry. I'm sure you're fine.

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