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Sudden Loss of Pregnancy Symptoms!

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michellekean87 Thu 05-May-16 19:50:26


I am just over 10 weeks pregnant, this is my first pregnancy and i have not yet had my initial hospital appointment.

i am feeling very worried as from around week 5 i have been feeling very sick, Exhausted and also have had very tender breasts, all the normal symptoms of the first trimester, however two or three days ago all of the symptoms stopped suddenly this appeared to happen overnight. I am not sure if i am being silly and this is normal as this is my first pregnancy and i am unsure what to expect. Could something be wrong or is this normal?

I would be so grateful of any advise.

Thank you smile

lightcola Thu 05-May-16 19:57:45

Very very normal. The first 12 weeks are really tough as until you have that scan it doesn't really seem real, so the symptoms help make it feel real. Symptoms will come and go so don't panic.

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