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Anterior Placenta and Reduced Movements

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Colabottle10 Wed 04-May-16 12:19:18

I'm after peoples experiences of having an anterior placenta and how it affected the movements you felt.

I'm 25+1 and up until now have only felt 'bubbles' fairly low down towards by groin area. Def no kicking or anything definitely 'movement' like. Drinking a glass of cold water brings on these 'bubbles'. I was told initially by the sonographper at the 20w scan about the anterior placenta and that I might not feel things until 28 weeks.

Had 25 week MW appointment today. Told her about the above. She listened with the doppler and although it took a while, she got a good heartbeat and the baby kicked the doppler, which I both felt and heard! It was the first time I'd felt anything that strong.

She has booked me in for a scan tomorrow and a consultant app next week as well as weekly MW appointments which she's written in my notes as for reassurance. I asked if I should be worried and she said no. That 9 times out of 10 women with an anterior placenta don't feel anything for ages, but that she was being over cautious in booking the extra scan.

So, those of you who have or have had similar, can I hear your stories please?

sepa Wed 04-May-16 14:59:56

I had anterior placenta. My MW too could feel kicking with the dopler but I couldn't feel it. I didn't get a pattern until 32ish weeks I seem to remember and this pattern was 8am and 8pm. I only woke once in the night due to baby having hiccups otherwise I didn't feel her at night.
I went in with reduced movement a few times.
At 25 weeks your baby is still small and has places to hide.

covertblackberry Wed 04-May-16 15:51:41

Watching this with interest as I was told at my 16 week app last week that I have an anterior placenta. When I asked midwife what it meant she said nothing to worry about, it just makes it more difficult to hear the heartbeat- she didn't mention that movements aren't felt as strongly- grrr!

bippitybopityboo Wed 04-May-16 16:15:28

I have an anterior placenta and although I have felt moment from around 22 weeks I have been in twice with reduced movement and monitored. As soon as I have been on the monitor you can hear movement but I haven't felt it so pretty sure he just likes to punch his poor placenta! You will feel stronger movements I'm sure I'm 30 weeks now and I feel him all day most days its reassuring ☺ enjoy your extra scan op

sepa Wed 04-May-16 16:19:20

Covert it's like punching someone through a pillow. *They will feel it but not the same as if they were punched without the pillow in the way grin
*this isn't recommending punching someone with and without a pillow to see how much they feel it! grin

mascaraisamust Wed 04-May-16 16:23:52

Hi there, I started a recent thread about my lack of movement at 29 weeks as I have an anterior placenta too. Some days I feel nothing, others he is most clearly there! It was about 24 weeks that I felt real movement, sometimes my movement feels like twitches depending where he is and isn't as distinct as a kick, other days I feel strong movement. I've had lots of check ups now due to me panicking over no movement and the hospital have been great and not dismissive at all even though they know where my placenta is. Now having frequent heartbeat traces to check he is ok as I was going so often and they recognise the fact that it is difficult to 'tell'.

YokoUhOh Wed 04-May-16 16:26:21

I've had two anterior placentas (currently nearing the end of my second). It's pretty hard to feel kicks, I get the odd 'foot in the ribs'.

Britnyspears Wed 04-May-16 16:27:17

Hi all
I was told I had this at my 22 midwife appointment. My 20 week scanning lady was very weird and didnt tell me anything at all. The midwife took ages to find the heart beat which was scary at the time!
Its great your midwife is giving you extra scans. Mine just says "I'm sure it will be fine" to everything I say (i have two complications). I was thinking of paying for monthly private scans because of anterior and other issues. Which i can't really afford.

I am now 24 weeks and get the odd kick or bubble really low down, but not regularly at all.
Maybe I should I ask my midwife for reassurance?

Watching this thread! X

covertblackberry Wed 04-May-16 16:33:58

sepa oh I see; wouldn't it be nice if it also meant that labour wasn't felt as strongly grin

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Wed 04-May-16 16:37:21

Didn't feel a thing for ages - almost 32 weeks I think when things really kicked off and I didn't get any proper sleep for oh, about 3 years......

Did get lots of Braxton Hicks from about 26 weeks on.

It was very weird, felt like I had an alien in there as very little movement. Midwives often had a total panic when they couldn't find a heartbeat too. Saw a different one at every appointment and generally they hadn't checked my notes, so don't immediately have a stroke if they seem concerned.

Glass of ice cold water always seems to make things stir a little.

shelbTa Wed 04-May-16 17:31:39

Watching with interest as I have anterior too. There are some days I feel nothing.

What seems to set her off is lying flat on my back - but you aren't meant to do that of course blah blah blah.


plumpynoo Wed 04-May-16 22:12:02

I had a low anterior placenta with my first pregnancy and didnt feel anything properly until after about 28 weeks. After that i could feel movements, not necessarily "kicks" but general wriggling around. When i hadnt felt anything for a while i could get him to move by having a cold drink, so found that reassuring. With my current pregnancy i have a high anterior placenta and was amazed to feel movement from 16 weeks! Still seems odd how much movement i can feel compared to first time round! Try not to worry OP.

Beansprout30 Wed 04-May-16 22:21:08

I'm 28 weeks with anterior placenta and only over the last week or so been feeling obvious movements. Haven't felt much today but mw picked up heartbeat straight away so I'm not worrying too much. I usually feel her after dinner and when I get into bed.

Colabottle10 Thu 05-May-16 19:30:41

Scan went well today. All fine. Very wriggly and I def felt kicks today. Not only do I have an anterior placenta but babies arms and legs are pointing towards my spine, so even less to feel. But reassured all is well.

They did say not to rely on having an anterior placenta for not feeling anything though. That pattern develops between weeks 28 -32 and if things weren't normal for me to go in and be scanned, not to think I can't feel anything because of placenta.

sepa Thu 05-May-16 20:16:28

No, you will get a pattern it just may not be as others have it. Mine was 8am & 8pm which were every day reliable ones.
Always go and get it checked if you have reduced movements. They would rather see you with a healthy baby than not see you and the worst to happen

junkfoodjill Thu 05-May-16 20:20:36

I've had 3 posterior placentas and one anterior. It's a completely different thing with anterior. With my first 3 I could see the kicks as well as feel them. With the last one I hardly felt a thing.

FifiRebel Thu 05-May-16 22:14:47

I'm 28 weeks and also have an anterior placenta. I have been feeling actual kicks for about 3/4 weeks now. My baby tends to move most first thing in morning / when I'm going to sleep but have recently started getting prods during the day too. Agree with pp that lying on my back seems to get him kicking.

It has been a worry though and I've had two episodes of reduced movement already. Both turned out fine but the second time he wouldn't budge at all. The midwives had me drinking iced water but I just couldn't feel anything!

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