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ongoing spotting?!

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Freckles1215 Tue 03-May-16 19:57:32

Hi all, long story short I had a miscarriage back in March and fell pregnant first cycle after. A week ago today started spotting, dark blood with a tiny bit of red and it's still ongoing now. Had HCG tests and they are increasing nicely as expected so that's ruled out ectopic, also diagnosed with a water infection and given antibiotics for 7 days (I was in lots of pain which is now easing) feeling yucky with full blown pregnancy symptoms and paranoid about this spotting because of prev miscarriage. I've got an early scan on Friday morning... I think if this spotting stopped I would be able to relax. I'm 27 and have 3 beautiful healthy children. Anybody else experience this please? Any advice would be great smile Xx

HP07 Tue 03-May-16 21:40:36

Hello Freckles, yes I am 20 weeks today and have had spotting very regularly throughout my pregnancy so far. I have quite a complicated gynae history though. Everything seems to be going well apart from this though. It is good you have an early scan booked. Good luck.

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