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Vaginal / Inclusion Cyst pregnant??

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cocothomas1234 Tue 03-May-16 17:50:10

So about a year ago I felt a tiny bump about 2 cm's up inside my vagina on the wall. I went to the doctor who was annoyingly awkward and felt uncomfortable feeling around and just brushed it off as a blocked gland. I went back a couple of months later for a second option and another doc found it and said she was 100% it was an inclusion cyst and it will just sit there and perhaps never go. So... 8 months on and I'm now 7 months pregnant and decided to check it and it's got bigger, that doctor knew I was trying and said that the wall changes in pregnancy and the cyst may get bigger etc because of more blood going down there etc... but I'm still worried... Has anyone else had cysts inside whilst pregnant and what were your experiences? No horror stories please, my mum had ovarian cancer at 40 so I'm always cautious with things down there!

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