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Pain over night - what could it be?

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Kariana Mon 02-May-16 11:08:00

I did post this in the Antenatal Club thread for Oct but realised it might be better here.

Last night I woke up in quite a bit of pain. It was like the worst menstrual cramps I've ever had. It lasted at least 30 mins if not longer and was fading in and out maybe every two minutes or so. I thought it was Branston Hicks because it seemed to have a rhythm but I've read this morning that they are usually no more than four times an hour whereas this was constantly fading in and out for a good half hour. The pain was concentrated in my lower abdomen either side of my uterus.

I'm 16 weeks tomorrow and the pain has vanished now but what could it have been? I haven't felt any movements today yet, in fact no definite ones all weekend even though I did Thursday and Fri.

MintyBojingles Mon 02-May-16 16:09:15

Best to phone out of hours and get checked, I had similar at similar gestation and it turned out to be an UTI with no other symptoms, easily treatable but needs treatment ASAP.

Either way I hope you figure it out X

ODog Tue 03-May-16 13:10:43

I had this at around 25ish weeks. Turned out to be indigestion!

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