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Maternity Clothes

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Redken24 Mon 02-May-16 08:01:35

What are the recommendations for clothing for pregnancy? I am only 15 wks, and look chubby instead of pregnant - I am quite busty as well. Is there any good types of clothing that people found good?


Boomies Mon 02-May-16 08:08:21

I found H&M a good place to start when my trousers were getting a bit snug etc! (Also one of the only places that stock maternity wear in store on my local high street and I wanted to try things on!) also Top Shop Jamie jeans are really comfy! Good luck!

Redken24 Mon 02-May-16 08:13:18

Thanks! what do u think about their sizes - im normally a 14 everywhere else but sometimes H&M can be a bit wonky haha xx

Nectarines Mon 02-May-16 08:18:47

Look for bundles on eBay. Maternity clothes aren't worn for long so most second hand bits I bought were in really good condition.

New Look have a few cheap staples too but generally there's not much choice at all on the high street.

kiki22 Mon 02-May-16 09:05:26

I got 2 pairs of leggings and 2 jeans from new look then some t shirts I'm quite busty ive found stretchy tops are the only thing that fit my boobs and bump without hanging from the rest of me. I have everything in a 12 though I'm usually a 14 the mat clothes seem sized differently.

MyBreadIsEggy Mon 02-May-16 09:09:17

Another vote for H&M jeans! I bought a few pairs, and then bought either stretchy vests and maternity t-shirts from new look, and any other tops I liked from the normal ranges in a size or two bigger than usual....I'm not exactly ample of nork though blush so might not work for you if you do have genuinely massive bangers!!

cantbelieveImquittingcoffee Mon 02-May-16 09:34:38

Don't buy too much! I have lived in about 4 tops from Gap maternity (long vests under normal tshirts/shirts will work most of the way through pregnancy), a few maternity shirts from H&M and gap, and 3 pairs of jeans - two from top shop and one from mothercare (a bit ugly but a lifesaver in later pregnancy when the top shop skinnies just weren't cutting it!!). All of these things made lots of my non-maternity clothes "work" up until the much later stages - so it might just take a bit of figuring out!

You're lucky in some respects in that you'll have warmer weather (hopefully!) so can stick with leggings and tunics/dresses - again Gap leggings are great, they have a discount code running most weeks - also try Verbaudet who have a 40% off everything sale this weekend - the have quite a bit of different maternity wear but I have found sizing a bit hit & miss (but it's free returns, which helps!).
I thought I was massive when I was 15 weeks but now I'm almost 40 I can't believe I really believed that!!

insertimaginativeusername Mon 02-May-16 10:00:06

Another vote here for H&M for jeans and basic tops, vests and bras.

New look do some nice bits, I've had decent dresses from there for weddings etc and casual stretch dresses

Can usually get away with waterfall style cardigans in your usual size or a size up for layers and work as cover ups if you
Intend to breastfeed

In my first pregnancy in summer I got several stretch maxi dresses, long tops/tunics and the stretch £4 t shirts from primark in every colour they did in a size up. These lasted me right to the end and were cheap enough to get binned after.

I'm lucky enough to have a very casual workplace so this all worked for me for every day.

Arborea Mon 02-May-16 14:22:35

Jojo maman Bebe is worth a look - the outlet section is a bit picked over at the minute, but even full price the clothes are pretty reasonable.

What you'll need depends on your lifestyle: I have to look quite smart at work (office based) so have a few maternity dresses (Jojo and Seraphine - picked up when on special offer) and have bought a couple of pairs of black trousers and patterned maternity tops (Jojo and Next). Outside of work I like to be casual and comfy so have a couple of pairs of jeans and leggings (New Look - the skinny jeans aren't the best cut for my apple shape though and I'm constantly hoicking them up, a couple of plain vest tops (New Look again - thin fabric but good for layering underneath, and a godsend for wearing under non maternity tops which are now on the short side - I'm 18+4), and a couple of plain maternity long sleeve tops (Mothercare and Seraphine).

I have also ordered some maternity pjs from George (big boobed so strappy tops and under bust seams don't work for me, and some chinos, knickers and a coat from H&M.

My biggest bugbear with maternity clothes is that the fabric for trousers tends to be cheap polyester and isn't nice to wear. Here's hoping the H&M chinos fit, because I think they'd be nicer to wear than the ones I have already. I have sized up for H&M, but am worried that I should have gone 2 sizes up from normal! Most maternity clothes need you to size down if anything: Jojos in particular!

Missingcaffeine Mon 02-May-16 18:29:03

I can recommend asos for choice - and you can order loads, get free delivery and free returns - so even if you end up sending most of it back, it doesn't matter.
Personally I bought a fair bit, as was big early on and just wasn't comfy in my usual clothes which were all very fitted. I know maternity clothes aren't worn for very long, but you are stuck wearing them day after day and I missed the selection of my full wardrobe so badly!
I found when it was warm enough to wear dresses without tights, this was by far the comfiest option. These were also great for after baby arrived, as I didn't feel comfortable in most of my pre-pregnancy clothes for a couple of months.
If you plan to breastfeed afterwards, I found mothercare and jojo both had some good maternity clothes that doubled up as discrete breastfeeding clothes afterwards.

Boomies Mon 02-May-16 19:34:19

H&M I found I was the size I normally am there but found it useful to try things on particularly as the cut of the trousers seem to all be different. Top shop I found I am at least a size down from my normal. I'm a 10-12 normally and am an 8 in their jeans!

sepa Mon 02-May-16 19:47:17

H&m for stretchy tops (still eating them after pregnancy)
I got size L and they were fine. I'm a size 12

Arborea Wed 04-May-16 11:49:00

The H&M chinos arrived yesterday and they're great! I sized up 1 size and the fit is perfect. I'm also keeping a pair of skinny jeans, but had to go up 2 dress sizes. The coat and tops are enormous though, so they're going back!

butterflylove16 Wed 04-May-16 15:40:31

I have personally been buying maternity clothes as I go, to make sure I only buy what I need. Now at 33 & 2 most clothes I wear are maternity, it's expensive but I figure I'll wear them again in future pregnancies. Also as I'm 'all bump' just buying larger sizes hasn't really worked for me. I have found lots of good value clothes on the New Look website, as well as things like tights & pj's from the asda website. I also have some skirts from Jojo Maman Bebe when they had a sale, as well as Asos & a few random shops on Amazon. I have brought everything online though, as the shops don't seem to have much.

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