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any HR experienced persons?

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Dlah Sun 01-May-16 22:28:55

I called in sick today due to morning sickness continuous (very in and off at min) I asked them to keep me shown in for tomorrow as tend to get a day of it now then passes for few days etc. Team leader said ok.

I then got a call back later from another team leader saying 'we don't usually let people resume on bank holidays and you're not needed in staffing so have tomorrow off as bank holiday'
Now ok, I understand they do this normally to stop people coming in for double pay on bank hol but potentially pulling sickie day before but as my reason is pregnancy related I kinda feel like this shouldn't be the case - if I felt well enough I should have been allowed to resume.

Unfortunately we're talking about a very large organisation with lots of HR bods and I wouldn't know where to start to bring this up as being slightly annoyed.

The more I've sat here tonight the more I think I should have been allowed to go in tomorrow

DarlingCoffee Mon 02-May-16 03:23:57

Will you be paid for the bank holiday despite not working it? I would perhaps check your contract to see what sick pay you are entitled to. I agree that if you're feeling well enough you should be back at work tomorrow and it's not up to HR to tell you to take the day off but just wonder if they are being kind and will pay you for this day.

Dlah Mon 02-May-16 07:48:40

I won't get paid for it but I'll get the equivalent amount of time off units to take elsewhere so does amount to some form of payment

DarlingCoffee Mon 02-May-16 14:35:38

Ah I see well that sounds reasonable. I would keep a note of anything further like this that happens during your pregnancy whilst at work just in case you do need to raise a grievance at a later stage. If you do experience problems with morning sickness (and hopefully it will pass for you!) I would maybe request a note from your doctor to give to work. Hope this helps somewhat.

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