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Second pregnancy - struggling with symptoms! Boy or girl?

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Jellybellymoo Sun 01-May-16 20:11:05

Hi I am currently pregnant with my second baby, my first is currently 20 months old and in roughly 8 weeks pregnant. I feel utterly exhausted all the time, I work part time and my little one is a live wire! Nausea has also recently kicked in and making me feel dreadful! i don't remember feeling like this with my son at all, sickness kicked in more in my third trimester with him! I've broken out in spots and feel so bloated! Could this be a sign of a girl? We would be more than happy with either sex I just feel so different with this one and it's such early days! I'm wondering if it's all the girl hormones making me feel rubbish!
Thanks smile

MiniMover Sun 01-May-16 20:17:45

It could be but it could be simply that you are running around after a toddler therefore much more tired which often means much more sick. I was far sicker with my boys than my girl but I know others say they were sicker with their girl.

If you have the Harmony test, you can know the sex in 2 or 3wks.

Jellybellymoo Sun 01-May-16 20:27:00

I think we will probably find out at our 20 week scan! I just feel so run down and gone off food which doesn't help! Certain smells make me feel awful! I feel guilty on my son who has put up with me feeling exhausted these past couple of weeks I just want to feel energetic and go back to spending fun time with him! The minute I get home from work in asleep on the sofa - until little one decides it's wake up time smile

Annabrooke90 Sun 01-May-16 20:37:52

My first four pregnancies couldnt have been more opposite from the previous one. My second pregnancy was awful, was so sick. They were all boys. Each pregnancy I found I got more exhausted because theres alot more to contend with. Now pregnant with my 5th and symptom wise not much different to my last pregnancy just more tired which I expected, this ones a girl.

kiki22 Sun 01-May-16 21:08:24

I had totally different symptoms this time felt way way more tired everyone said oh its a girl this time, its not he's a boy confirmed by 2 scans. I think every pregnancy is just different.

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