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help - my symptoms have stopped

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lr12345 Sun 01-May-16 11:59:39

So I'm 9+5 and all my symptoms have pretty much totally disappeared! I'm still extremely tired but my ms and nausea appears to have just stopped around a week ago. I've googled this and ready loads of horror stories about Missed miscarriages!

I don't have my dating scan until the 24th of May so I'm contemplating paying for a private scan.

What's everyone's thoughts on this?
Has anything similar happened to anyone else and they've gone on to have a healthy pregnancy?

HP07 Sun 01-May-16 12:12:15

Morning sickness just stopped at 11 weeks for me and never came back. I think it does vary from person to person but if you're worried and a reassurance scan would settle your nerves then I can't see any reason not to book one.

Alisvolatpropiis Sun 01-May-16 12:15:52

I had a week or so like that at about the same stage of the pregnancy.

All was fine! Baby now 10.5 months.

The all day morning sickness did return with a vengeance after the sudden disappearing act. Made me wish I'd enjoyed it at the time but like you are now, I worried about it!

Hope all is well with you. I would try to avoid having a scan pre 12 weeks, the baby really is tiny and it can be inaccurate earlier on, which can lead to further worrying.

chloechloe Sun 01-May-16 15:01:54

Stay away from Dr Google!

If you're still feeling exhausted then you still having symptoms! Having said that, having no symptoms isn't a sign that anything is wrong! With my first I had no symptoms at all other than tiredness and now it's the same with my second.

Also, even in case of a mc, you can still continue to have symptoms as it takes a while for the hcg levels to fall. So feeling sick etc is not necessarily a sign that everything is ok.

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