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sickness/work advice please

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Dlah Sun 01-May-16 09:40:57

Morning all,

Just wondered if anyone knows if there are any limits on the time you can have off?

I work for a large organisation and I know my sickness doesn't get counted because maternity related, I also know if you go sick after 20 weeks they can potentially put me on maternity leave early but I'm currently 14 weeks and still having the odd sick day from throwing up so much.

I'd say so far I've had 9-10 days off since around week 7.

Does anyone know if it's a case that they can/can't do anything at this time?

KayTee87 Sun 01-May-16 09:58:53

I'm pretty sure it's only from 36 weeks you can be forced to start maternity leave due to pregnancy related sickness..

KayTee87 Sun 01-May-16 10:00:16

dementedpixie Sun 01-May-16 10:03:54

They can only start your maternity leave early if you are off with a pregnancy related illness in the last 4 weeks of pregnancy

Dlah Sun 01-May-16 10:06:09

Thanks guys,

I need to pull that policy out again, I'm sure it said from 20 weeks but that's reassuring to knowsmile

KayTee87 Sun 01-May-16 10:39:57

Even if their policy said 20 they can't bypass the law, they maybe have updated it in years.

KayTee87 Sun 01-May-16 10:40:09

Haven't *

Heirhelp Sun 01-May-16 13:03:22

Make sure that work know you are pregnant and that morning sickness is covered in your risk assessment.

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