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35w and I think baby is breech

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Amazonmulu Sun 01-May-16 08:00:10


I'm at 35w and I think the baby is breech confused. Or at least lying horizontally. I saw the mw about 10d ago and she said the baby was head down... I explained that all the kicks I get are on my left and right side (nothing top (ribs) or bottom (pubic area)) she said she didn't know why that was. The kicks are still exactly the same... I can feel a very hard lump on my right side near where my waist used to be. When I push on it a bit it moves but nothing else does (I've read that this means that's the head). Not sure what to do. Don't feel mw is taking it seriously. And I want to know that come the start of the big show everything is where it should be confused

skankingpiglet Sun 01-May-16 08:22:03

If the baby is oblique but head down, which sounds very possible, then there is still plenty of time to go fully head down. One of the areas you don't feel any movement could be down to where your placenta is located - do you know if yours is anterior? My baby is currently head down sitting very low (I had a scan which showed this) and I don't get any kicks around my belly button or at all on my left side except very low down. The consultant midwife told me that's most likely where my placenta is, the other areas of activity/lack thereof will be down to positioning of her limbs.

My DD was an oblique frank breech right up until she was forcibly evicted through the sunroof at 39+5. It was very very uncomfortable as her head was wedged hard up under one side of my ribcage. My midwife had mistakenly thought she was head down until my 34wk appointment (she had been in the same position from at least 28wks) as I think the oblique lie made if a bit more difficult to work out how high up the heartbeat was IYSWIM and bums and heads can be easily mistaken, but by 34wks DD was big enough for the midwife to tell.

If you are really convinced, can you voice your concerns to your midwife, or ask for a second opinion? If they suspect then you'll be sent for a scan, but I doubt your suspicions alone would be enough to get one.

chandelierswinging Sun 01-May-16 08:31:37

There is still time for baby to turn. I remember vividly the day DD turned (36ish weeks?); it was like something out of alien and felt just bizarre!!! Have a look at spinning babies for practical suggestions did getting baby into a good position.

HayleyAnn88 Sun 01-May-16 12:32:59

My baby is now 3/5 engaged at 37 weeks and I was convinced she was transverse. All my movement is on the right hand side as well but two midwives have now confirmed she is head down. It's so hard to tell when you don't know what you're feeling for!

OhWhatAPalaver Sun 01-May-16 23:24:34

I have a transverse baby at the moment, at 33 weeks now. I'm half expecting a breech though because dd1 tried to come out arse first! Community midwife was convinced she was head down until 39 weeks but then said she wasn't sure either way. We thought nothing of it, babies can turn at the last minute etc etc, so when I did go in to labour the midwives at the hospital didn't realise until 9 hours of agony had gone by, then had to wait another ten hours for a section! I'm making damn sure that doesn't happen again with this one so if there's any doubts at all I'll be wanting a scan!

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