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So so so confused!!!

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Kirstyvictoria12 Sat 30-Apr-16 16:09:35

So I had a miscarriage +3 weeks ago.. Medically assisted and bled for two days then that was it. They told me to do a test in 3 weeks.. I did one this morning - positive.

Went to the hospital were there test said negative.. They took my bloods.

I received a call a little while ago saying my bloods shower positive my hcg level was 186 my progesterone 9.6 her words were 'whatever is there won't last'

The doctor said I have no signs of infection or left over pregnancy.. So was she telling me im going to miscarry again? Are these levels not normal? I have to go back in a week to have another blood test, but I'm really confused and not sure what's going on :/

Sitting at home googling hcg and progesterone levels and I don't understand any help would be appreciated.

Test said 1-2 weeks. As I had a miscarriage I havent had a period so I'm not sure how it works x

Iggii Sat 30-Apr-16 16:33:44

You poor thing flowers My understanding is the levels of pg hormone rise throughout the first trimester, and then when you've miscarried they go down, but not all at once. So the longer you had been pg, the longer the levels could take to go down. The doctor saying there was no sign of anything left over, was that via a scan? Not sure how he could know otherwise.
The two days of bleeding does seem short to me, but none of my mcs were medically assisted - hopefully someone with more experience will be along. If you don't get enough responses, repost in the miscarriage & pg loss section on mumsnet x

Kirstyvictoria12 Sat 30-Apr-16 17:23:18

They used forceps during miscarriage and we're happy all been removed, I passed tissues etc and iv had no pain bleeding anything since.
I was only 4 weeks when miscarried. We've had nothing but he'll from this hospital and now we're being told to wait a week retest bloods and we will know more.. But her words whatever is there won't last.
If it was a new pregnancy those levels are not awful for 1-2 weeks but if it's left from the last miscarriage my levels only dropped 100 in 3 weeks as they were at 289 when I miscarried. I'm literally going round in circles x

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