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Coming off pill: polycystic ovaries and no AF

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sunshineskyway Sat 30-Apr-16 07:56:58

Hi everyone,

I came off the pill last August and had regular AFs until January. They have just stopped. We were TTC so we went for a private scan which revealed polycystic ovaries (I had no idea I had these). It's been over 4 months now with no AF, and since I'm not ovulating there's no point in TTC. I have been referred by my GP to an NHS gynaecologist, the appointment for which is next month. I'm not completely sure what will happen at this appointment because my GP did say that they don't tend to do anything until you haven't had an AF for six months.

Has anyone had similar experiences at all with the stoppage of AF and the appointment? Getting frustrated now as really want to get pg smile

Sunnydays321 Sat 30-Apr-16 10:08:26

Hi sunshine. I struggled too following pill. I stopped the pill once at uni and it took me ten months to have a period. Then immediately started it again. And then after a total of about 14 years on pill I stopped it last July to ttc. It took 3 months for my first period this time (better than 10 months) and then had really irregular cycles from 29-80 days. I had quite a lot of pelvic pain and worsening acne so also had a scan and found poly cystic ovaries. I have no other signs, lh:fsh blood ratio normal, insulin normal, day 21 bloods (actually taken on cd45 cod I ovulated so late) normal. Not over weigh, no excess hair. I did a lot of research and started taking inositol which is shown to help in polycyclic ovaries, and Angus castus to level hormones and hopefully kick start period. I didn't take the Angus the whole time as it is best not to take it after ovulation (and I got thrush a couple of times... Tmi sorry!) but it did seem to work! You need a much higher dose than they sell in health shops, I made that mistake to start with. Recommended is 1000-2000mg a day. I only took 1000mg. The three cycles I took it (not always from cd1, sometimes if I got to cd 20-30 and hadn't ovulated and felt like I needed a kick start) I ovulated within 1-3 weeks. This may well have been a coincidence but I was getting frustrated and had to do something. My gynaecologists appt has only just come through as obviously we haven't quite been trying the year. And good news is I now don't need it. I'm now 8 weeks pregnant having ovulated on cd45 after taking Angus that cycle. I'm not saying it definitely was that, but it can't hurt for you to do a bit of googling and see what you think. Also on conception board there is a thread for people with crazy cycles after pill if you want to join us. Good luck. Xx

sundayraspberry Sat 30-Apr-16 19:15:40

Hi sunshine. I would continue ttc while waiting to see the gynae specialist. I was diagnosed with pcos aged 19, started ttc aged 29, didn't have af at all for 10 months after coming off the pill and got a natural bfp a fortnight after my first appointment with the fertility clinic! Unfortunately I mc'd that pregnancy but conceived again 5 months after, again having not had af at all. Turns out I just ovulated randomly and happened to DTD at the right time. Like the previous poster says there's a v good thread on the conception board for ladies who are TTC with pcos, they are a mine of information! Good luck x

sunshineskyway Sun 01-May-16 10:02:37

Thank you both so much for replying, both of your info was really useful.
Sunnydays I did start taking Agnus Castus for a while, I'll check the dosage, that's good to hear. Many congratulations on your pregnancy, that's great news.

Sundayraspberry we are still TTC just not every other day like before! Maybe I am still ovulating then, maybe there's hope for me without having had AF, good news. I am not overweight either, and don't have the acne or excess hair, just the annoying AF stuff and the POs!

Thanks everyone xx

sophied1983 Tue 03-May-16 09:06:14

My cycles got longer and longer - 51 days - they suspected polycystic ovaries. Just as they started to investigate, I conceived. Have you tried ovulation sticks just to see what's going on/ if you're ovulating? Period and ovulation doesn't always go hand-in-hand.

Feelingsolow12345 Tue 03-May-16 12:36:15

I have PCOS and I came off all hormone containing tablets in may 2014. in November 2014 me and my DP was getting frustrated as nothing was happening but my doctor refused to refer me as it hasn't been 12 months yet. we just kept trying and went on holiday. I drank like crazy and when we got back we even went to a theme park and I went on everything. two days later I was worried as I still hadn't come on after taking the tablets to stop you from bleeding (so I could enjoy my holiday) and there I was 10 week pregnant. I now have a 16 week old who's just decided to laugh at me cause I pulled a face from something disgusting on TV.

it is frustrating but you'll get there some way or another. keep your chin up hun smile

Sunnydays321 Tue 03-May-16 22:00:25

Ps I also agree with Sophie about opks. I did the cheaply ones from Amazon, about 50 for £4-5. I know they can be a bit unreliable in pcos but they worked for me. I just couldn't keep up dtd every other day (or even every 3rd day!!) for whole 6-12 week cycles! Helped to know when to really focus on dtd. Also temping and fertility friend confirmed ov if opks weren't always clear. Just a side note I would get the odd false surge during a cycle without ovulating, when this happened the opks were usually darkish 2nd line.. Almost or just equal to control. I learnt to ignore these with help of temping. When I did ov the test line was way way darker than control. Good luck x

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