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strep b

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dayspring Fri 29-Apr-16 15:24:35

Does anyone know anything about the risks? My doctor just found the bacteria in my urine, apparently it's common but can be dangerous if the baby contracts it on the way out. I'm likely to be induced for low blood platelets as I was with dd, so I'm wondering if an elective c-section is the way to go - but then I don't know if that's more risky for Rhesus-negative moms. Bag of minor complications, anyone?!

mikesh909 Fri 29-Apr-16 15:55:01

You are lucky you found out! This is not routinely tested for in this country.

My sister didn't and at about 2 weeks old, her second baby contracted meningitis as a result. He spent weeks in intensive care and came out the other end fine - thanks mostly to fast acting medical staff. A friend of a friend was not so lucky and lost her newborn as a result of the same situation.

There is an informative website here: Educate yourself and decide on the best course of action.

All the best!

igglepiggleisanarsehole Fri 29-Apr-16 15:58:16

I believe you have to have an antibiotic drip during labour? I'm unsure about sections

Mummyme87 Fri 29-Apr-16 16:50:38

You will be offered intravenous antibiotics in labour and your GP should have given you oral antibiotics to cover your urine infection

MintyBojingles Fri 29-Apr-16 23:01:28

It's a bacteria that can come and go, how many weeks pregnant are you? It would be worth retesting if you're not near labor now. Otherwise I personally would insist on antibiotics whe. You go into labor, it can cause meningitis if the baby catches it on the way out - which the antibiotics would prevent.

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