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Is she pregnant?

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MumToBe2015R Thu 28-Apr-16 15:34:05

So this is for my friend. I really hope she is pregnant as she's been TTC for a while now. She had cysts on her ovaries which has made it difficult for her the doctors have said. So basically her last period was feb 16, and she hasn't had a period since. She's done several tests which are all negative. She eat thyroid medication which apparently makes it difficult for her to her a result she said. She has all the pregnancy signs: (nipples have become dark, discharge, no period, swallon hands, back ache, feels like stomache had got bigger, doesn't feel like eating certain things, 2weeks ago had vomiting for few days) so she went for a blood test for pregnancy & today she got results to say HCG levels are 4. Nurse said can't say she's pregnant because levels need to be 5. Has this happened to anyone else? She's sure she is pregnant she says she knows her body & she can feel it. (I felt the same to be fair, I felt I was pregnant before I did the test after ttc for 5yrs)

Hads this happened to anyone else?
Could she be wrong? Really hope she is pregnant as that's what she really wants after TTC for 5 long years

Twitterqueen Thu 28-Apr-16 15:42:38

No idea but I do hope she is! Keep us updated.

ccsays Thu 28-Apr-16 15:46:55

She could be pregnant but then she could be interpreting normal hormonal changes as pregnancy symptoms. I would think if she was pregnant she would have continuing nausea rather than a few days of it two weeks ago and be seeing more positive results from an HCG test by now.

I hope she is, it must be heartbreaking to be ttc for so long but unfortunately I think that makes it more likely to see pregnancy symptoms that might not be there 😕

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