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Young and pregnant

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Unknown19 Thu 28-Apr-16 14:51:01

Hi guys,
I've come on here in seek of some advice, feel pretty alone right now. I'm 18 and pregnant and my boyfriend is at uni and really does not want this baby. Me on the other, the idea of going through an abortion is killing me. I suffered a miscarriage this December just passed however my boyfriend wasn't around at this time as he left me. Now we are back together and I'm pregnant again. Roughly 6 weeks and smack bang in the middle of my a level exams. Needs a friendly voice.

ThinkPinkStink Thu 28-Apr-16 17:27:48

I couldn't read and run. I'm so sorry to hear that things are so tricky.

Don't make any quick decisions, you've got some time to think and work out what is best for you, and that really is what's most important right now. Do you have family you can talk to, or a teacher, or a good reliable friend?

You're probably worried that this will get back to your parents, and to be honest it most likely will - I know it's terrifying, but I think that usually once a parent has got over the shock of their little girl being pregnant, you often find that they are more supportive than you'd anticipated. I often see parents on forums such as this who have pregnant teenage children, and mostly they're asking how they can support them.

I don't know the ins and outs with the boyf, but he doesn't sound great - so don't count on his support, it doesn't sound like he's able to give it.

There are lots of people here who have had children and had terminations at all different ages - no one will be judging YOU (they might ask about why you weren't using contraception, but I guess that's a natural question, I think in our heart of hearts most of us have had unprotected sex at some point and have only not got pregnant by pure luck).

The most important thing, is to get whatever support you can - so have a careful think about who can give you support you need right now. If no one comes to mind, then book a doctors appt - other posters on might have good ideas for resources/helplines that will be able to help you out.

You're not alone! It's natural and normal to be scared at this point*

*I'm 36, married, good job, nice home and I was still terrified when I found out I was pregnant, pregnancy is scary!

UptownFunk00 Thu 28-Apr-16 17:34:07

Excellent post by Think - it must be really scary but it's important to think about what's best for you as you are the one who is pregnant.

I'd talk to someone impartial - does your college have a counsellor you could discuss things with?

I found out I was pregnant when 22 and it was still incredibly scary.

I hope you're family are supportive of your decisions.

KeyboardMum Fri 29-Apr-16 13:17:45

Again, brilliant post Think

OP, whatever you decide to do will be the right choice for you at the end of the day. Don't allow anyone to pressure you into making a decision. A baby brings a lot of change to your life, and it's up to you to decide whether or not you want that change to be a positive, or a negative thing.

I'm nearly 29 weeks into a planned pregnancy and was terrified in my first trimester too, because it was the unknown and because your body goes through so many physical and emotional changes. It is scary. But now I feel my little boy kicking and squirming and feel nothing but love and excitement, it really is a stark contrast.

Best of luck to you.

Lou2711 Fri 29-Apr-16 23:52:41

I found out I was preg just before last Christmas and coming up to my 2nd year uni exams. It took me 5 weeks of a hard internal battle on what to do. Luckily my bf who is also a student supported my choice. Looking back I realise I spent that time trying to figure a plan out of how I'd be able to keep my daughter, not what I should do. Now I feel like I've made the best decision in the world, my degree will always be there and so will your education. Go with your heart, there is always a way. I hope everything works out for you xxx

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