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cally0 Thu 28-Apr-16 07:00:37

Hi all

I've just burned the inside of my wrist on the kettle this morning and it's extremely painful.

I've been running under cold water for ages and then applied germolene antiseptic cream, but then had a horrible moment where I realised I hadn't checked to see if it's ok to use in pregnancy? No longer have the box and the tube doesn't mention anything.

I am 18 weeks along. Can't seem to find definitive answer online. Anyone know whether it's ok to use?

I hope so as it's still hurting even with germolene and don't think I can hack the pain with nothing at all on it!


Shanghaichica Thu 28-Apr-16 09:36:51

Go to your nearest pharmacy and ask to speak to the pharmacist. They will know which medications you can and can't take when pregnant. That's what I have done with every medication I wanted to take during pregnancy.

Thurlow Thu 28-Apr-16 09:45:59

Here's some guidance for the underlying product (Germolene is Phenol and chlorhexidine digluconate) which says that it is not contraindicated (i.e. it is fine) during pregnancy.

I can't imagine what would be in a skin treatment that could be that bad - it probably doesn't say on the box because it's not something they felt they needed to say.

pippistrelle Thu 28-Apr-16 09:46:59

I found this on a website called which is the electronic medicines compendium:

4.6 Pregnancy and lactation
The safety of Antiseptic Cream during pregnancy and lactation has not been established, but use during these periods is not considered to constitute a hazard.

cally0 Thu 28-Apr-16 10:39:50

Thanks all! I used it twice and now it's stopped hurting so I just will stop using it now! Xx

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