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Pregnancy and depression

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SodaChick Wed 27-Apr-16 22:39:33

I am nearly 10 weeks pregnant and for the past few weeks the depression has really set in causing mood swings, temper tantrums, childish immature behaviour affecting my whole family and I feel terrible! Before this I did suffer from depression but it was under control. Now I just either cry or rage 24/7 or so it seems.
I am SO over counselling, medication, talking it out etc but will have to return to gym, meditate, eat right and try cope.

I am normally a sweet, kind loving lady

So sad and upset sad

AKP79 Thu 28-Apr-16 09:43:11

Hi SodaChick

This is one of my pregnancy symptoms too and can get quite uncontrollable, so I TOTALLY understand you.

I am being monitored by the midwife because in my last pregnancy I ended up with quite severe PND. I totally understand what you're saying about being over counselling etc because that's exactly how I have felt. So instead I have been having weekly Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. It's a specific type of hypnotherapy and I'd call it more deep relaxation that hypnotherapy. It has been incredible and has really turned things around for me. Friends and family have noticed a huge difference in my behaviour and attitude and I feel more in control of my emotions. Wonder if it's worth seeing if you have anyone in your area who specialises?

missybct Thu 28-Apr-16 11:55:41

Hand holding here, because I totally understand. My worst week was week 10, actually. I've just had a referral to the Wellbeing Pregnancy service because I literally lost my shit about two weeks ago and ended up so dissociative it took me a day to come back round.

I too had a total hold on all my previous MH issues (of which I had many) - so this has really knocked me for six, not to mention showing my fiancée a side of me he's never really encountered confused

Have you had your Booking In appointment yet? If not, definitely mention these feelings to your midwife. In fact, even if you've had the appointment and mentioned them, mention them again. The midwife's reassured me when I was at my wits end that they are there for physical AND mental health assessment - they've not forced any agenda on me and have simply put the referral in for me and told me to call if I need them.

Lastly, some of the behaviours you've listed as hating (mood swings, immature behaviour) are so, so common in pregnancy. It doesn't make it right, and for people who are self aware (which it sounds like you are, a lot of people with depression or MH issues are) it becomes very frightening, but it IS normal.

MummyTheGregor Thu 28-Apr-16 16:14:18

Hi Soda, I'm just pregnant 5 +3 with dc 3 and get depression too. Been very unwell last year and then better, well in fact, since Christmas with a couple of brief lows which Ive bounced back from since then...
I've been noticing and worrying about the irrational moodswings and weeping too and I think its just hormones so far but I'm so hyper aware of warning signs I'm driving myself a bit mad..... when I get depressed I get really tired so I'm worried about the pregnancy tiredness being confused with depression tiredness and generally terrified of tiredness.
You're not alone and reassuring to me that I'm not either.... yy to meditation and looking after yourself but its sometimes hard to motivate yourself to do that.... I've been meaning to meditate all this week tellinf myself I can find 5 mins to do a short one and not even got round to that yet.....

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