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Delayed cord clamping

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Jenjen85 Wed 27-Apr-16 14:24:15

Iv been reading a bit about this lately and I'm going to consider it. Has anyone done this? How long after baby was delivered did you have before clamping and did you have the injection to help deliver the placenta?

Peppaismyhomegirl Wed 27-Apr-16 14:26:24

Shameless place marking. I didn't with me first but due again soon and I'm interested in this

TeaBelle Wed 27-Apr-16 14:28:11

Yes, it was done at the midwifery led unit without me having to ask and yes I also had the injection for the placenta. Couldn't tell you times though as all sense of time want out the window

SpaceDinosaur Wed 27-Apr-16 14:46:29

I am absolutely including this in my birth plan.
I have friends who have all delayed cord clamping until the chord has stopped pulsating. It ensures baby has maximum from the placenta.

My DM delayed cutting the cord with me. It wasn't a "thing" but she instinctively didn't want the baby separated from her for a few minutes and this was a good 30 odd years ago :-)

Peppaismyhomegirl Wed 27-Apr-16 14:47:28

I'm having this baby in a MLU and those were two of my questions so thank you. I'm going to talk to my midwife about it.
Also. How did you find the unit? Did you have gas and air? I'm terrified. Even tho I've done it before on gas and air. I didn't want to! There was just noone avalible for any more pain relief

Snoopysimaginaryfriend Wed 27-Apr-16 14:48:34

I asked about this when discussing a birth plan with the midwives. Apparently it's standard practice in many hospitals as long as baby doesn't have to be whisked away for any emergency treatment.

SquidTableau Wed 27-Apr-16 14:49:58

I had delayed cord clamping. It took a surprisingly long time for the cord to stop pulsating, about 45 minutes. The midwives had never had this request before and seemed to think this was ages! I also wanted to deliver the placenta naturally but after waiting another hour or so the MW pushed me to have the injection and I was fed up of being in delivery so I had it. This was after an induced birth btw.

ChoudeBruxelles Wed 27-Apr-16 14:50:33

I did with ds. He's 10 so can't remember exactly but think we waited about 20mins. I had a water birth so I just sat in the water cuddling him.

Had an injection for the placenta

Heirhelp Wed 27-Apr-16 14:52:48

It is standard practice in my trust. I have asked for placenta injection to only be given after my cord has been clamped. Some, more old school midwives give the injection as soon as baby's first shoulder is delivered.

1frenchfoodie Wed 27-Apr-16 15:00:57

Delayed with mine 5 weeks ago, apparently standard practice for the trust. Then had injection to deliver placenta (was induced by drip for labour)

lljkk Wed 27-Apr-16 15:34:08

Delayed clamp every time, tried to avoid the injection, too.
My one birth with injection, it left a huge painful bruise, so one to avoid if possible.

YouAndMeAreGoingToFallOut Wed 27-Apr-16 16:36:07

I had intended to ask for this, but I have gestational diabetes now, and have read that it's not a good idea for diabetic mothers because it can slightly increase risk of jaundice, which can be a problem in any case. So on that basis I probably won't.

Solasum Wed 27-Apr-16 16:38:54

I asked for this and the midwife was happy to do it. Sadly in the end I was bleeding a LOT, so they had to get placenta out asap.

Junosmum Wed 27-Apr-16 17:09:24

It can increase the risk of jaundice and they won' do i for an instrumental delivery (or a least my hospital wouldn't, and they do it as standard for 'normal' deliveries there.

TeaBelle Wed 27-Apr-16 17:16:21

Loved the mlu. It was like a hotel! I asked about an epidural when I arrived and the midwife just that I was doing great and I never even thought about it again tbh. In our hospital the mlu is literally across a corridor from the delivery suite though, so if you want/need an epidural you can be moved very quickly

Peppaismyhomegirl Wed 27-Apr-16 17:38:32

In mine it's a twenty min blue lighted ambulance ride between the MLU and hospital. I hate that I have to make this choice

Dixiechick17 Wed 27-Apr-16 20:16:13

Standard practice in my area, I asked about it and she said they always do it. They waited three minutes I think? am sure that's the time the nct lady said it takes for the last of the blood to go from the placenta to the baby. Didn't notice really as was too busy staring at my DD in total awe smile

Dixiechick17 Wed 27-Apr-16 20:19:07

I had the injection too, wanted that bit out of the way, had no issues with it myself. My 3 minute guess is probably wrong going by the above.

IamChipmunk Wed 27-Apr-16 20:25:12

I did delayed cord clamping with ds. Then had injection to deliver placenta.
Couldn't tell you how long they waited though.
I don't remember the placenta coming out at all but had had plenty if gas an air at that point!

I am planning to do the same this time round and will be using the same birth plan.

SillyBub Wed 27-Apr-16 20:25:57

Another who gave birth in an MLU. Had delayed clamping with both (DC(8) and DC(6). I did ask for it but it was standard practice. Didn't have the injection either. Gas & air and water birth with first, standing up delivery with no pain relief for the second gutted that I missed the G&A as I bloody love that stuff

MunchyMunchkin Wed 27-Apr-16 20:37:01

Think the cord was clamped after about 5mins. By the time I was out of the pool and on the bed at least 15 had passed. I gave it another 5mins before having the injection as just wanted the placenta out at that point.
Also in an MLU, it was lovely!

SearchingforSleep Wed 27-Apr-16 20:52:28

DC1 was born in hospital and the cord was clamped immediately followed by the injection. This was what I had asked for as I understood it reduced the chance of haemorrhaging. Incidentally, I had gestational diabetes and the baby wasn't jaundiced, although I didn't know about the link.

DC2 was born at home and after more research I opted for delayed cord clamping. It wasn't clamped for 30 mins or so until it had totally stopped pulsing. It was a lovely, relaxed time with skin to skin and first breastfeed as no one could take the baby!

I believe the NICE guidelines have recently been updated to support delayed cord clamping.

Good luck with your labour and birth - congratulations!

SearchingforSleep Wed 27-Apr-16 20:54:35

Meant to say, after the delayed cord clamping, the midwife waited an hour for me to deliver the placenta but it didn't come naturally so I had the injection at that point which worked.

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